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Each day ushers in a new twist in the crypto sphere and the space is so unpredictable that investors are turning to platforms giving them enough confidence to put their stakes on. However, the last two months of a bearish market has separated the non-performers and performers and VeChain (VET) has comes out tops.

VeChain has improved in development and wooing more partners to its platform. This has seen the coin value increase. What is more interesting is the coin has inroads into various industries including automobile, supply chain management, retail and health. With this kind of strategic networking, the results have started to trickle in with the coin value increase.

The Chinese Government Trust on VeChain

The VeChain team is not bothered about the price of the coin; their major focus is to develop a stable outfit that will support a wide range of real world use cases that will increase the VET uptake and grow its value.

VeChain is a very young country but has been tasked with a huge task by the Chinese government to tackle a problems that is affecting the entire globe; eradication of carbon emission through the Carbon Bank Initiative. Greenhouses emit a lot of gases and impacts negatively on climate not only in Chine but globally and renewable energy is the only way out.

A VeChain based carbon trading marketplace will see institutions, companies and individuals trade in carbon credits among themselves and get the rewards while making the world a better place to live in. the Carbon Banking projects has seen VeChain partner with BYD electric auto maker to acts as a central data depository and tackle carbon emissions from the auto industry level.

VeChain Price Boost from Trust Wallet

To increase its usability and visibility in the market, VET has gotten a major boost from Trust wallet a move that the Binance CEO supports. It appears like the transition for VEN to VET has not slowed down the coin’s adoption. After Trust Wallet was acquired by Binance recently and it has been a big hit in the market and the addition of VET has sparked additional attention with the coin recording gains after the announcement.

The wallet offers the best security and user experience in the market today and this will go a long way in bringing confidence to the VeChain network and what’s more, the coin is available for iOS and Android OS. This means you can access your VET coins on the go from your mobile device which is a plus in its usability.

The Trust app is decentralized and 100% anonymous and supports all ERC tokens thus giving VET an added advantage overs its competition. The addition of VET and support by Binance is a surefire move for Trust to act as the investor gateway for VeChain.

VeChain Price Check

The addition of VET on the Trust Wallet and the recent Bithumb asset switch appears to have given the VET coin extra visibility that has helped it sty on the green trading zone for the better part of the week. At press time, VET price was still trading in the green after 3.38% gains to the dollar to trade at $0.013161.

Bithumb will see the VET/KRW pair increase  the digital coins  liquidity  in the market given the Korea has is a rich crypto market and the addition of VeChain (VET) to the Trust Wallet will see increased uptake due to high penetration of smartphone usage in the Asian region. This should help VET price to hold and edge towards the $1 mark by close of 2018.


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