Dogecoin, DOGE

Dogecoin (DOGE) has outshine most of the top altcoins in past six months. This is something extraordinary for an inflationary coin that has over 100 billion coins in circulation and broaches itself as a joke. But not many digital currencies have managed to replicate the success of dogecoin in last few months. What makes Doge a fundamentally strong coin is the fact that it combines a strong community-driven brand presence, true decentralization, and inflation.

Effect of Invention of DogePal on DOGE

The crypto market compels new services each and every day. Dogecoin has been able to attract a lot of investors towards itself and they are keen to look after every news which DOGE puts forward. The new service by DogePal seems to bring yet another layer of buzz among Dogecoin users. This service will be pretty helpful for the users of dogecoin.

The Image of DogePal

When you first here the word DogePal, most of the users around will think this is a contender for PayPal. This maybe some way right, but the other way around the core work of DogePal is completely different. DogePal has been created to merge a login system plus a decentralized Dogecoin wallet, which will be able to establish email-to-email payments in DOGE. DogePal basically has been created to make it easy to be used across different devices including mobiles and PCs. They will be able to show a cross-platform compatibility remains the vital concept that will be able to take the crypto coins straight to the mainstream.

How does DogePal works?

The service provided by DogePal is straightforward. The user will only need the recipients email address to send them money in the form of DOGE. It is just like the routine ID sign ups, then the user will login by adding the password as in usual ID logins. In case of lost of the password, it could be reset but one disadvantage will be that the dogecoins would not be retrieved. Thus, there is need to have a back up private key that should be affiliated with DogePal account.

DogePal users will be kept updated with all the new thrilling programs and developments of Dogecoin. So far, DogePal is looking to locate itself as an advertising platform for Dogecoin. So it will promote all the developments and the programs of DOGE, this is a good step from dogecoin network because unlike other top coins DOGE doesn’t have a specific advertising platform. But still dogecoin users are enthusiast enough to reach up to the new news of doge but still they need a platform to be kept updated.

The next aim of DOGE is to turn DogePal into a cross solution login system. This step will be slowly adopted by other top cryptocurrencies in future as well. If the company develops a more professional looking site, then we should see things improving in the next few months.

Heading into Future

The best addition made by DogePal in last few days has been exceptional. DogePal will now assist the anonymous Dogecoin tipping, this will be bring a lot of interest of the users. We can hope that it will grow and increase in time to come, but it take time for the daily users of DOGE to take it seriously.


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