Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin Coin (ENJ) is a new entrant in the gaming sector and is in the forefront of bringing major gaming giants together to form a formidable alliance that will see it dominate the blockchain based gaming sector. The network, powered by Unity Technologies allows anyone to create custom blockchain based games.

The Enjin inroads in the gaming marketplace continue to attract a lot of attention from game goers and creators which have seen the ENJ value grow in the last few weeks. With the potential that the industry comes with, many firms and stakeholders are warming up to Enjin for adoption and the just concluded listing of ENJ on Bithumb is just the beginning of a bright future for the token.

Enjin Network Uniqueness

The ENJ platform is uniquely designed to bring together various leading gaming outfits and verifying their authenticity before being included in the ecosystem’s smart contract suite. At the time of reporting, ERC1155 can be created on the platform. According to Witek Radomski, the CTO at Enjin:

“This new token standard allows up to 200 fungible and non-fungible tokens to be processed in each transaction, enhancing the efficiency, affordability, and sustainability of the Ethereum blockchain.

The sustainability aspect of the network will see many long term investors come onboard. The price stability and the surge in the last 24 hours is a true testimony on the game concept popularity among players and investors. The ease of creating games on Enjin is also a plus for new entrants in a market that has been dominated by tech giants.

The recent formation of a blockchain gaming block will give Enjin additional bargaining power to rule the industry. This will also see more game creation on Enjin platform rise which will increase ENJ usage since this is the payment token for services rendered on the ecosystem.

Enjin (ENJ) Onboarding Bithumb

Listing of ENJ on Bithumb will see the network take advantage of the Asian market start from the forms home yard, the Koreas. Asia gaming adoption is the highest in the world and this is a positive step for Enjin as it seeks to increase visibility and traction.

The Enjin ecosystem strives to give game goers a better experience in the industry that will bring together over 4.5million developer to serve anticipated 20million Enjin adopters from across the globe. In a recent report, Enjin is seen as taking over the industry in the coning days:

Bithumb’s listing report “Enjin Coin’s blockchain development technology, in partnership with Unity Technologies’, will allow anyone to easily create blockchain games. It is exciting to see Enjin Coin become the leading blockchain-based gaming platform.”

The Blockchain Game Alliance will see several firms come together, share ideas in a collaborative environment to come up with new idea games. The alliance is an open platform bringing together high profile game makers with a goal of instilling democracy in the industry, according to a leasing PC gaming outfit, Ultra.

The collaboration announced on September 25 during the just concluded Blockchain Games Support in Lyon France brings together Enjin, Ultra, ConsenSys, Fig, Alto, Gimli and Ubisoft among others. Commenting on the partnership, the Ultra CEO, Nicolas Gilot said:

“We believe that by supporting each other and by having some of the brightest minds in the industry facilitate research and development, together we can drive disruptive change and deliver a fully-fledged and improved user experience.”

The current Enjin good news has seen the Enjin Coin (ENJ) price hedge up a few points by gaining 11.91% to trade at $0.067424 to the dollar. Already 7 games have been developed on the network and more are set to launch before the end of Q4.

The continues influx of game creation, additional exposure through ENJ listing on new exchanges and the Gaming collaboration is set to continue pushing the token up the market value ranking that stands at 102  at the time of reporting.


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