IOTA (MIOTA) had a low volumes yesterday in Sunday trading. In the last 24 hours, it has been trading in a range between $0.560 and $0.571, which is also the 200-day MA.  For a high probability trade in IOTA, it would be best to wait it out until IOTA breaks out of this range in either direction. That would be a signal to increasing volumes in the market.  In the case that IOTA (MIOTA) breaks above the 200-MA at $0.571, and extends above the day’s high at $0.577, a long entry would offer the best chances of profit with a target of $0.60. That’s the last high it has hit in the last one week, one that is likely to offer some resistance in the day and act as a good exit point for a long entry in the next 24 hours.IOTA

On the other hand, if IOTA (MIOTA) breaks below $0.560 and pushes below the day’s low of $0.557, it would be a sign that selling volumes are on the rise, and a sell order would be ideal, with an exit target of $0.550. That’s the last low it has hit in the last 24 hours, and is likely to offer a good exit point in the next 24 hours.


XRP (XRP) has experienced mixed fortunes in the last 24 hours. In this period, it has pushed from a low of $0.573 to a high of $0.625. However, after hitting that high, it has retraced and dropped close to the day’s opening price of $0.573. This is an indicator that there are high trading volumes in XRP with both buyers and sellers having equal power in the market. For someone looking to enter a trade in XRP (XRP), it makes sense to wait for the price to test a key support or resistance level. To the downside, a good sell order would work if XRP breaks the 55-day moving average at $0.560. If it breaks below this price, it would be a good signal to go short, with a target of $0.538. That’s the 200-MA price level, and it would be a good take profit level for a 24-hour sell order.XRP

However, if it gains buying momentum and tests the day’s resistance at $0.61, a buy order would give the most potential. This would have a take profit of $0.624, which is a major resistance point in the 6-hour chart.

Dash (Dash) coin

Due to low volumes in the market, Dash has been trading in a range between $185.74 and $188.88 along the 100-day moving average. For a profitable trade in Dash, its best to wait for a break outside of this price level. If Dash coin pushes above $188.88, a buy entry would make sense with a target of $192.12 on the 200-day moving average.Dash

However, if it drops below $185.74, a sell order would hold the most promise with a target of $184.15. That’s the next key support level, and a good exit point in the day.


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