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Electroneum (ETN) has been making huge moves in the market lately, and the community is excited about it. So excited that they have now started a campaign to have it listed on Coinbase. The petition that is on now has over 22000 signatures, and the number is growing. The community is aiming for a target of 25000 signature, in the hope that Coinbase will take note and list it. But what are the chances of it getting listed?

Well, under current circumstances, there is a good chance that Electroneum (ETN) will gain a listing on Coinbase. That’s because Coinbase recently updated its requirements for listing new coins and they are quite favorable to ETN. For instance, right now Coinbase doesn’t require any fees to list coins, at least for the moment. This is favorable for an upcoming coin like Electroneum.

This is likely to have a huge impact on the trajectory of this coin over the next couple of months. If Coinbase were to list this coin, the FOMO it will create would easily send it to the moon. Electroneum (ETN) is already facing huge FOMO buying, and an entry of Coinbase into the picture would significantly add to this momentum.

Outside of Coinbase and a possible listing, Electroneum is up for some more gains this quarter. That’s because the Electroneum team intends to start region specific adverts on social media and other media this month. This will lead to an increase in the number of people who know about ETN, and drive up demand. That’s because social media, especially Facebook, is very efficient in targeting specific demographics with ads. As the number of people who get to know about Electroneum increases, its value in the market will rise too.

It will rise because Electroneum has the fundamentals to catch the interest of new investors. For instance, Electroneum (ETN) stands to work with mobile service providers, giving it potential access to millions of users all across the world. Not many blockchain platforms have such potential for adoption, which gives ETN leverage in the market once it starts its marketing campaign. Electroneum also has a pending patent related to instant crypto payments. As more people get to learn of this aspect to Electroneum through marketing, its value in the market will surge.

In essence, Electroneum’s market prospects this quarter are quite good. If Coinbase lists it, it’s guaranteed that it will do a moonshot, one that could see it gain by multiple times from its current price levels. However, even if Coinbase doesn’t list it, Electroneum’s prospects in the market are quite good this quarter. That’s because, its patent, more aggressive marketing and growing adoption will keep up FOMO buying all through this quarter. It has the potential to do another 300% in the next month, and even more gains all through Q4 of 2018. Today, Electroneum is down by a few percentage points but that’s minor in the grand scheme of things, since it is still up by over 250% in the last 30 days.


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