Verge XVG

Verge (XVG) might have made mistakes in the past but it appears to have learned from them and coming back to the market with a more professional approach in the market.  The controversial partnerships in the past have weighed down on the coin that the price movements have become a mirage.

The team behind the coin appears to have taken time off social media and instead concentrating on development issues. There is more transparency at Verge and the just released video. Verge Core Team: Meet the Team” is a new way of instilling confidence on its community. The video includes who is who behind the project scenes.

Verge Meet Core Team Campaign

The video traverses the entire Verge ecosystem and includes developers, teams behind the marketing function, business developers as well as key GitHub contributors. However, the video strategy has been n by critics as a simple way of crating awareness disguised in FUD. In a recent tweet that includes a video posted on YouTube the Verge team says:

Vergecurrency @vergecurency

“We take pride in being an open-source & globally supported project. That being said, we would like to introduce you to some of our amazing core team members from around the world.”Verge core Team

Verge (XVG) Development Update

The team has been working on their promises and their current development update shows some progress and the community appears excited which has seen the XVG price come back to life after hitting the south road for better part of the last 7 days.

In a Medium post made available to us, the update summarizes what has been achieved and what is being worked on and touches on. The update seems to have presented anything new and the only positive comment red in part:

“Rebased Codebase to v.0.17 (Bitcoin) which the Verge team says is waiting for TokenPay team to fully implement support of debit cards to facilitate the use of Verge.”

It appears like the community will have to wait a little longer for the completion of what the team had promised. Some of the areas include:

Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT)

Insight API

Verge iOS wallet

Verge Desktop wallet

RSK — smart-contract peer-to-peer platform

Verge Security Concerns not addressed

The delays have seen a slowed down adoption with traders and investors trending cautiously after the platform exposure to several attacks earlier in the year. These attacks and controversial partnerships have taken Verge a few steps behind and it will take more time for the outfit to regain sound grasp of the market.

The developer team has been silent on the two attacks in April and May and dissent has been rife across the network and this is what is currently ailing the platform. Though a privacy coin, Verge has failed in providing a secure platform for investors; it is not easy to invest in a platform that even the developers are not sure about the security of investor funds.

Verger XVG Price Shift

The update however, has had some positive impact on the XVG price which has shown some improvement in the last 24-hour trading period. The coin was trading at $0.016752 after gaining marginally to the dollar 13.23% at the time of reporting and this is just a short term spike which might see the coin headed back to the losing territories.

The current price traction might not hold long especially for a coin that has been struggling to consistently stick on the green trading zone in a market that is prone top price manipulation. With lack of demand, the XVG price is set to slump until all the pending issues are implemented by the “new look core team”.


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