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Yoroi is a wallet for Cardano (ADA) which has been launched by Emurgo, a main body part of Cardano. It is very simple, fast and secure, with the help of this wallet ADA users can send, recieve and store ADA on the wallet. Yoroi allows users to manage AdA in their browser. It is a lightweight wallet that launches quickly, allowing users to start sending or receiving Ada in minutes. Yoroi tweeted regarding the launch:

“Today is a big day: we released Yoroi on the mainnet! Users can send, receive and store ADA on a web wallet that is fast and secure. Are you as excited as we are?! #iohk #EMURGO #Cardano #ADA @InputOutputHK @Cardano @IOHK_Charles

The Yoroi browser extension allows users to control their funds with ease, without syncing to the blockchain. Users can easily import their Ada from Daedalus into their Yoroi wallet. The Yoroi installation package is small so it does not require much bandwidth. Because Yoroi is a light wallet and does not require a full copy of the blockchain on a user’s machine it consumes very little bandwidth.

Private keys associated with users wallets are stored only on users computer and they are encrypted with the wallet password, they are not stored on centrally hosted servers. With support in four languages, Yoroi makes it easier than ever to manage your Ada.

Yoroi wallet’s top priority is their security, high quality code and completely tested, security audited to make it work perfectly. As it is a light wallet for ADA, so the user is ready to send and receive transactions right away. Yoroi believes that the software has a simple structure and attractive user interface. This wallet has been vigilantly designed to offer a special user experience.


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