The past few days has seen the price of NEM (XEM) perform better than most of its peers on the board. In the last 24 hours, the coin has been the highest gainer on the top 100 coins after an impressive 9.95% gain. NEM Foundation announced earlier in the week that Liven, an Australian based dining app will be built on its platform causing mummers of a possible increase of market cover in the country.

NEM platform is a blockchain dedicated to digitizing the assets in the world today on a secure blockchain. The permissioned private blockchain delivers industry-leading transaction rates for internal ledgers. Furthermore, NEM’s governance system is run through a revolutionary consensus system ensuring transparency, and scalability at a high throughput.

Liven to push Australian adoption of NEM further

Liven platform was founded in 2014 with the platform offering rewards for frequent dinner goers which will be received in LivenCash. The founders and siblings, William and Grace Wong opened the dinner rewards app together with engineering Ph.D. David Ballerini and has seen massive growth in the last few years. Over AUD$11.5 million in traditional capital was raised for the decentralized platform. The team at Liven are focusing on increasing the point of sales infrastructure across stores in the world.

NEM (XEM) has long been known for its team’s dedication to assist the new applications launched on its blockchain. It will be no different this time as NEM will provide Liven the necessary technical assistance, guidance and support. Further communication on more features to be added will be announced soon. Additionally Foundation plans to place the XEM cryptocurrency as the first crypto pairing with LVN token.

This will enable access to payments with XEM at hundreds of outlets in Australia and also utilize the NEM blockchain Apostille function, which is a timestamp on the NEM public blockchain. The Liven wallet will also be built on the NEM blockchain.

On the launch of Liven blockchain on the NEM blockchain, the co-founder of Liven, William Wong showed delight as the integration with NEM will help the company reach its target market in Australia and New Zealand. Liven aims to build a world class platform with efficient blockchain capabilities to starting in Australia as they target global adoption in the future.

Liven benefits to NEM blockchain

The Liven development team and the Foundation will work hand in hand in ensuring the Liven platform is integrated on the NEM blockchain. The users of the Liven platform will use NEM’s Apostille function which will be used to notarize analytics provided to merchants to ensure transparency and integrity in Liven’s back-end reporting ecosystem. The timestamp function on the NEM blockchain will allow these merchants to receive data on the platform in terms of immutable reports available to them assisting them in making better investment decisions.

On his take on the launch of Liven app, the Expansion Director for Australia and New Zealand for Foundation, Jason Lee spoke of the imminent strengthening of the partnership between the two companies, Liven and NEM blockchain.

NEM (XEM) currently trades at $0.108916 USD per token across major exchanges. Its currently ranked 17th on the logs with a total market capitalization of $980,243,796 USD.


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