VeChain (VET) has been in the forefront of developing a trust-free business model and is turning out to be the leader among enterprise focused blockchain in the product and information sector. Users are beginning to note the outfits’ capabilities in dApps, especially ICOs and are poised to continue to build a bridge between VeChainThor and the real world economy.

The platform has already built strategic partnerships with high profile brands and institutions, a move perceived by crypto enthusiasts as a way of stamping its presence in a wide range of sectors. Already, the coin has its presence in the automobile industry, liquor, logistics, food, retail, supply chain management and even cold storage.

VeChain Industry Support

VeChain is not only making its presence felt in multiple industries but supporting them achieve their goal and retain their consumers who are using crypto as a way of transaction. The coin has a houseful of support prior to its launch which market players are anticipating.

Already, the Arkane Network has thrown its weight behind the giant and will see VeChain use the firms’ APIs to continue strengthening its base as the future dApp hub. While making the announcement, the co-founder at Arkane and FundRequest has indicated the support will come once the VET launch is completed.

Third Party Developers Flooding VeChain Ecosystem

The entry of Arkane Network will make it easy for developers to buion the VeChain platform. Though utilizing Arkane tools and APIs, VeChain developers have an upper hand in faster dApp building; all they need is to request API access keys to the Arkane outfit through a simple type-form and the rest becomes easy.

This comes soon after SafeHaven became one among the first projects to be built on VeChain even before the platform transformation is complete. The entry of Arkane will see other third party developers benefit as well. SafeHaven’s ThorBlock will handle remittances and user accounts pools while riding on VeChain to ensure contributor funds are secured and safe. According to a blog posted on Medium:

“ThorBlock is a product of Safe Haven. The primary objective of ThorBlock is to handle the remittance and accounting of contributors’ pooled funds specific to offerings within the VeChain ecosystem. In short, utilizing ThorBlock allows pooled funds between multiple contributors to be accounted for and safely managed.” is another upcoming project on the VeChain ecosystem which will allow anyone builds games and casino-rooms which will be a big boost to the utility features of the VET coin. DECENT just release their updated whitepaper and are gearing to go and build on VeChainThor.

VeChain (VET) Price Gains as it Maintains Stability

With more and more third party developers flooding the VeChainThor ecosystem, the price of VET has improved slightly and has been on the green territory for the better part of the week and is poised to scale up as more partners come onboard. The interest coming before the VeChain release is a clear indication that enterprises have enough confidence on the network.

At press time, the VET price stood at $0.013179 representing a 24-hour growth of 3.12% against the dollar to set it among today’s top gainers. With the progressive development and adoption y third party startups, the price is headed for a breakout and this could see VET volumes continue to increase as the end of Q4 comes to a close.


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