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Cardano (ADA) surprises seem not to end and as the outfit celebrate its first year anniversary, the ADA holder has all the reasons to celebrate and keep the party going. The entire project team appears to be working in sync to woo more users and achieve their mass adoption vision to spur ADA price and value growth.

The latest launch of Rust for third party developers, introduction of Yoroi light wallet and unveiling of a Cryptocard is a clear massage before the MainNet launch that community members have been waiting for long. These three projects mark a huge milestone in the history of the network and will increase demand for ADA as it consolidstes its position on the top ten valuable cryptos.

Cardano Rust Project Targeting Third Party Developers

The launch of the Rust project will see the floodgates for third party developers open and this will goa long way in cementing the coins leadership in the dApp market. This is a new client written in their flagship language, Rust.

During the Rust launch two days ago, the Cardano CEO, Charles Hoskinson said:

“As a project matures and grows, you need to satisfy the demands of different clients.”

Rust, a creation of Mozilla will boost the performance of mobile aps and this will also work with Haskell that takes care of mission critical aspects of the platforms code. The first settlement layer version Byron was launched a year ago and has been running on the Haskell programing language is set to get a major boost from Rust.

The Rust software is a developer’s kit that will enable ease of interaction in the system and will be very instrumental in transacting on the platform, data analyzing and block querying among other functions. Simply put, it is a functional resource tool for third party developers building on the Cardano ecosystem.

Yoroi Wallet Launch on Cardano MainNet

In an effort to woo more participants, Cardano has released the Yoroi Wallet to the MainNet. This is a light weight client that comes with low bandwidth consumption and one does not need to download the entire blockchain copy. It will function like the Chrome extension and you can store it in your computer since the private keys are encrypted to make more secure.

While breaking the good news, the team behind the Yoroi wallet project has said:

“Today is a big day: we released Yoroi on the MainNet! Users can send, receive and store ADA on a web wallet that is fast and secure. Are you as excited as we are?”

In reply to the a tweet from the wallet developer team, Charles added

“Cardano (ADA) just got another wallet. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

Cardano Joins the Debit Card for Crypto League

Cardano has entered the untapped crypto debit card market. The platform has partnered with Mataps, a fin-tech company that is developing new economic models geared towards leveraging in the crypto verse. This is a pre-paid card where users will pre-load it with ADA and use it to purchase goods and services from Cardano affiliate outlets.

The card targets users who are not tech-savvy and looking for easy ways to spend their crypto. This route to the market will make the platform reap big and adopt more users who enjoy the convenience of using plastic cards to make payments.

The tree development launches has been met with a market that is bleeding and the announcements have not had an impact on the ADA price. All the top ten coins are trading in the negative and the last24-hour trading period has seen Cardano go down 4.80% to the dollar to trade at $0.080050.


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