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Recently, it emerged that a Bitcoin Cash identity online identity system called Cash-ID was being developed.  But looking at the sentiment on different online forums, it is clear the Digibyte (DGB) community is not impressed. Many of them feel like Cash-ID is a copy of Digi-ID, a Digibyte solution that has been existence for sometime now. Unfortunately, since the project is open source, there is nothing that the DGB community can do about it, other than lament. However, this raises a few important questions. One of them being, has the Digibyte marketing efforts been effective? Is there a need for more aggressive marketing to push for adoption?

Looking at current market dynamicss, it is clear that Digibyte’s marketing moves have not been very effective, and there is need for more aggressive marketing. That’s because if it were really effective, a product like Digi-ID would have gained mass usage in the market by now. Digi-ID is a powerful tool, one that could revolutionalie online authentication. However, it can’t do it if not many people know about it, outside of the DGB community.

This means that there is a risk that with Bitcoin Cash and others, with their aggressive marketing campaigns, could outcompete  Digi-ID in the market. As such, it is prudent for the Digibyte awareness team to be more aggressive in pushing Digi-ID in the market. The best thing about Digi-ID is that it is an easy sell. The product is strong and websites would not find it hard to adopt it for security. In an industry like banking, Digi-ID and most other digibyte products would work quite well in securin online banking services.  These are the kinds of clients that would give prominence to Digi-ID, and place it on a path to dominance going into the future.

Without aggressive marketing, there is a real risk that Digbyte might lag behind in the long-run.  It could easily be copied into obsolesence, and ultimately retain just a name, but with little adoption. History has shown every so often that the most superior tech doesn’t always win.  Sometimes it is the one that is sold most aggressively that wins.

But there is  hope and a future for DGB. The Digibyte Awareness team has been quite aggressive lately. Since the team launched, Digibyte (DGB) has seen more progress.  More people now know about DGB than ever before.  Digibyte has also been listed on more exchanges than ever before. This is a pointer that more targeted marketing at the corporate world could be in the pipeline too. Once it comes through, Digibyte will take its true position as one of the most  innovative, and decentralized projects in the market.

On this basis, with a little bit more marketing,  Digibyte remains one of the highest potential investments in crypto. It could become the driving force behind most internet security in 2019 and beyond. The best part is that even without much marketing, DGB is holding strong in the market, as can be seen by its increased usage as a currency in places like Venezuela. It goes to show that with marketing, its usage would be way higher, and value higher too.


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