IOTA, BitPanda

Today, BitPanda announced that they have integrated IOTA (MIOTA) using the IOTA hub. This means that it is now possible to deposit and withdraw IOTA tokens from BitPanda. This is a big deal given that BitPanda is one of the largest exchanges in Europe, and could push up the trading volumes of IOTA (MIOTA), and by extension its price. Already IOTA (MIOTA) is one of the few major cryptos that was in the green today. This is an indicator that the market is taking this news quite positively.

But BitPanda is just the beginning. Over time, other exchanges will also start integrating it, and drive up the volumes of IOTA (MIOTA). That’s because the IOTA hub is meant to create an easy interface for integrating IOTA into exchanges, as explained by the IOTA team on their blog, as seen in the excerpt below.

“The Hub offers a standardized, open-source solution to these issues using a simple gRPC API in a hardened and audited environment. This makes integrating IOTA simple for any kind of service provider. Using Hub, an exchange can be ready to support IOTA in weeks rather than months, just by connecting Hub to their existing trading platform.”

There is a real incentive for exchanges to list IOTA (MIOTA). That’s because it has a huge use case and a growing rate of adoption. For instance, IOTA has made some serious in-roads in the mobility industry, through partnerships with some of the biggest automobile companies in the world. It also looks set to disrupt the insurance industry as was shown by the Biotasphere presentation recently. All this points to an increasing demand for IOTA in the markets, and this will pull more exchanges into seeking to list it. In essence, by making it easier for exchanges to list and integrate IOTA into their systems, exchanges can better handle calls by investors to list and integrate IOTA into their systems.

For an investor, IOTA hub is one of the biggest assets towards the growth of IOTA going into the future. That’s because, exchange listings draw in more investors into a crypto, and do play a role in driving up demand. This explains why investors are always looking forward to their favorite crypto getting listed on major exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. That’s why IOTA hub is a big deal. The IOTA hub integration process is solid ground to postulate that IOTA (MIOTA) could make it to an exchange as big as Coinbase in the future. Such a listing could see the value of IOTA gain by several hundred percentages.

When combined with IOTA’s other core features such as project Qubic, IOTA stands a good chance of growth going into the future. These are attributes that will see IOTA win not just in terms of adoption by industry, but also see it gain more visibility through more exchange listings, hence pushing up its value in the market.  In essence, IOTA (MIOTA) has a strong position and stands to reward long-term holders, as its strengths become more pronounced in the market.


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