Noah Coin (NOAH) has been one of the stand out coins today (3rd Oct,2018) with almost moving up to 30%. Noah is so far unknown amongst most of the users of digital currency. But it is performing way more than its position in the market, as it currently stands on 103rd spot on the market.  

At the time of writing, NOAH was trading at a price of $0.0016 USD moving up to 25%. When compared with BTC it has surged up to 27% with a trading price of 0.00000025 BTC. Its current market cap is $51,991,263  USD and trade volume is $1,816,982 USD.  

NOAH is providing a real-world value. Noah coin network looks to bring a social revolution via blockchain technology and work to resolve the economic discrepancy around the globe. NOAH Foundation, the major organization of the coin is looking to donate portion of projects to charity organizations.  

Why should the users of digital currency choose Noah coin? Asian users or any tourist can get complete access to Noah Resort at Dakak Beach Resort in Philippines. It is very low cost, easy to transfer and safes non-cash transfers. Users can send, receive and exchange Noah coin using NOAH wallet and NOAH remit. Customers can visit high-technology NOAH city, they can receive discounts and special offers by paying in Noah.

NOAH has a project to create a financial technology system through which currencies of other nations can be exchanged for Noah coin. This will generate a key for financial transactions between these nations. One of the major advantages of the Noah coin is for the payment of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) market. It is an encouraging procedure for Filipino workers who are overseas to earn money, when sending money back home.  

The biggest project of Noah coin is the Noah city, this is the one project which will lead Noah to top 50 coins. So far, its influence has been in Asia due to its main project of Noah city on the coast of Manila Bay, one of the largest tourist destinations in the world. There are number of financial companies which are planning to invest in Noah city, they plan to work together to set-up shopping malls, hotels, casinos and other major projects. Noah coin will be used as the local currency in the city and they have officially signed a contract with Horizon Manila. 

Noah coin future is very bright as far as its standing in Asia is concerned and its next projects will decide that what will be their future in crypto world. But their project of Noah city looks to be a great amusement for the tourists around the world. 


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