The IOTA foundation has added a new member to their team. The latest addition to the IOTA team is Cara Harbor. Cara joins IOTA as the head of communication. Her main role will be to disseminate information to all stakeholders correctly, and on time. Essentially, she is tasked with ensuring that nothing coming out of the IOTA foundation can be misconstrued to spread FUD about the project.  Cara is well-versed with matters to do with corporate communication as can be seen in her profile listed in the IOTA blog, as can be seen below.

“Cara is a San Francisco native with 19 years of experience working with the tech giants of Silicon Valley and worldwide. She has led communication strategy and media relations for companies such as Adobe, HP, Cisco, LinkedIn, ArcSoft, MuleSoft, ROBLOX, and many others. Her background spans all aspects of tech, including open source technologies, enterprise/IT, consumer, IoT, cryptocurrencies, as well as the nonprofit sector.”

Clearly, she is an asset to a team that is now multi-disciplinary, and focused on building one of the best and most advanced crypto projects in the market.  The growing strength of the IOTA team is welcome news for IOTA investors. That’s because it creates an element of certainty in the market, in knowing that the team has what it takes to deliver. By delivering on their promise, it also means that adoption will also come faster. So far, the successes of the IOTA team are quite visible in the number of partnerships that IOTA has gained in the mobility industry.

With its fast strengthening team, IOTA (MIOTA) is likely to get adopted even more. Already the team is gaining respect in policy making circles. In November, one of the core members of the IOTA team, Dominik will be presenting alongside the who-is-who in EU policy making circles. Some of the speakers at this event include Angela Merkel, and the president of the EU commission. This is an event that could see IOTA (MIOTA) draw in more investors and partners and drive up the value of IOTA (MIOTA) significantly towards the end of the year.

With the news of Cara joining the IOTA (MIOTA) team, how is IOTA (MIOTA) likely to perform in the day? Well due to the low volumes in the entire market, IOTA (MIOTA)’s performance has been largely sluggish in the day. It opened the day at $0.560 and dropped to a low of $0.541.

However, in the last 6 hours, it has made some slight gains to a high of $0.559, which is a possible resistance point on the 55-day MA. Given that IOTA (MIOTA) has failed to hold above this level, there is a good probability that it is headed lower. This means that shorting IOTA (MIOTA) at $0.55 could see the value of IOTA (MIOTA) drop to around $0.532.IOTA

However, if volumes rise and IOTA (MIOTA) breaks above the 200-day moving average at $0.562, a long entry would make sense with a target of $0.576. That’s a key resistance point, one where IOTA (MIOTA) could reverse in the day.


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