Digibyte, DGB

Today, the market has been in the red all day. That’s mainly becauese overall market volumes are low. Digibyte (DGB) is one of the few cryptos that have made some gains in the last 24 hours.  While this could be just a random gain that may not have any basis to it, it could also be an indicator that investors are slowly beginning to appreciate digibyte (DGB) as a superior blockchain, one that has the potential to change the world.  This could mainly be driven by the increased efforts of the digibyte awareness team in driving up awareness about digibyte (DGB). Just recently, the team launched a website through which, people can get to learn more about digibyte (DGB), its current uses, and potential uses in the market.

However, even outside this small gain in price, the efforts that the Digibyte awareness look set to pay off big time in the long-run. That’s because one key area they are focusing on is philanthropy. The digibyte awareness team has made a strong showing in Venezuela, and it’s sending a good message about Digibyte (DGB) not just in Venezuela, but all over the world. That’s because, when people see such initiatives, people start to view  Digibyte (DGB) as a blockchain for the people. It’s an initiative that is already drawing in new investors into Digibyte (DGB) and will play a huge role in pushing up its price in the long-haul.

Of course marketing needs to be supported by a strong product, and Digibyte (DGB) does have a strong value proposition.  Digibyte core features like security, and effectiveness as a currency make it a high value blockchain, one whose use-case in the market will continue to drive up value. For instance, the recent Facebook hack was eye-opening to many on the vulnerable nature of centralized authentication systems. It has made many internet users appreciate decentralization, and the fact that blockchains like Digibyte could be a more sustainable long-term solution. This increased apprecation is visible in the increased adoption of digibyte. Digibyte (DGB) has already been adopted by companies handling identity authenticaton, such as Antum-ID.

In essence, all Digibyte (DGB) requires at this point is a more sustained marketing and its upside gains will gain momentum. That’s because the fundamentals are already there to drive up adoption, going into the long-run.

The best part is that Digibyte (DGB)’s long-term value is supported by the growth of the entire crypto ecoystem. There is an increased investor uptake of cryptos in institutional circles, and regulators too are getting more involved. Once the regulatory framework around crypto gets clearer, the entire market will rise in value, and Digibyte, driven by its core fundamentals, will emerge as one of the biggest gainer. It is widely expected that by the end of Q4, the regulatory framework will be clear. Just recently, U.S congressmen were asking the SEC to come clear on crypto regulations. That’s an indicator that regulations could be coming up sooner than later, and crypto will thrive. It’s an interesting time ahead for DGB, and crypto in general.


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