Digibyte cybersecurity

As crypto becomes more mature, the amount of money required in order to give a significant return on investment will continue to increase. For instance, anyone who bought bitcoin (BTC) worth just in 2010 is now a millionaire.  Today, for bitcoin to make you a millionaire, you would have to put in a significant amount of money. Unfortunately most people especially students who are eager to put some money in crypto, usually don’t have much money to their names. The same goes for people in the developing world, such as in Venezuela where the Digibyte is very active in charity work. For such people, the best bet is in low-priced high potential altcoins, and Digibyte (DGB) is probably is one of the best of these altcoins.

Assuming someone lives in a low income country, and has just $1000 to spare, buying Digibyte at current prices would give them around 40,000 coins. That’s a substantial number of coins, and if Digibyte (DGB) were to hit just $0.50, such a person would be sitting on a cool $20,000 dollars. That’s a lot of money in the developing world, and could transform a person’s life for good. Even in the developed world, that’s money that can help a student pay off part of their student loan and start life off with close to zero debt. That’s a major head start in life, since student loans are part of the reason why most young people are struggling with life nowadays.

But what are the odds that Digibyte (DGB) can ever hit $0.50. Well, going by its core fundamentals, Digibyte (DGB) has the potential to hit a market valuation that is way higher than $0.50.  That’s because its use value in the market is growing by the day. One of Digibyte’s strongest use cases is in cyber security. The Digibyte blockchain is the most secure, and its features such as Digi-ID could be quite useful in securing websites and other online systems. With the increased incidence of hacks on computer systems, it won’t be long before the use-case of the Digibyte blockchain in cybersecurity goes mainstream.

All it will take is for one major institution to start using the Digibyte blockchain and everything will fall in place. If, for instance, a major bank were to announce that they will be using Digi-ID in protecting their online banking clients, the buzz it would create in the market would see the value of Digibyte (DGB) shoot up by a huge margin. A valuations upwards of $0.50 would be very possible in such a scenario. What makes such high level adoption possible is that the Digibyte blockchain is fully decentralized, which means that institutions don’t have to about trusting a centralized 3rd party, when implementing such an upgrade.

Going by the above analogy, it is quite clear that Digibyte (DGB) has the potential to change people’s lives, both the whales holding huge amounts of DGB, and the small-time investors who don’t have much disposable incomes to their names.  It’s the coin for everyone, who believes in decentralization and the power of blockchain technology.


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