Cardano, Cardano Rust

The Cardano blockchain network, often viewed by the crypto community as Japan’s Ethereum recently announced that it will be launching a new service to scale its platform users. This ADA powered network through its IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson, said that they will be releasing ‘Cardano Rust’ to allow more developers leverage the network for DApps creation. According to Mr. Hoskinson this will enhance the services offered by Cardano;

“As a project matures and grows, you need to satisfy the demands of different clients,”

IOHK, the entity behind Cardano’s blockchain development, made this announcement at the beginning of October. This comes a year after the team launched the pioneer settlement layer for Cardano’s network, Bryron. The project had been created using the Haskell programming language & still did not fulfill all the market needs for Cardano’s prospective market. Therefore, the team embarked on designing Cardano Rust which is more specific & compatible with mobile devices & common coding languages like C++.

It is noteworthy that Cardano blockchain network has been a centralized digital ledger up to date. However, the Proof-of-Stake platform plans on changing the IOHK block producing function with its Shelley release early next year. This milestone will enable Cardano users to access staking pools for participation; eventually the network will be decentralized.

Cardano Rust

Basically, the idea behind this development is creating an SDK for ADA blockchain users. The Cardano Rust product comes with a couple of features that make it blockchain & DApps compatible. Its architecture has been built with data that serves the ADA blockchain functions; send transactions, protocols for network services, blockchain blocks and simple codes compatibility. According to Cardano’s Github repository, Rust targets 3rd party blockchain users & is currently implementing its nodes network.

So far, the Cardano Rust project has made progress in its Command Line Interface (CLI) wallet feature. This wallet development is currently in the alpha stage & will be an avenue for 3rd party network developments. What this simply means is that developers will have a range of wallet & node functions to choose from while building their applications. Furthermore, Cardano Rust through the CLI will make multiple wallet management easier for ADA users.

Cardano’s approach to develop an open-source protocol is geared towards making this milestone community-oriented. This will help the ADA blockchain project implement more solutions in its protocol shortcomings going forward.

Cardano’s Fundamental Prospects

Cardano’s blockchain project token is currently ranked position 9 in market cap according to CoinMarketcap with the total its value slightly over the $2.1 billion mark. However, it is not the pioneer platform to launch a network such as Cardano Rust; the coin’s competitor Ethereum has two open-source protocols allowing users to leverage ETH platform. These are the Parity & go-ethereum which have been written in Rust & Go programming language respectively.

Charles Hoskinskon further added that the project is still a work in progress looking to integrate more crypto users;

 “It is really important to see clients written in imperative languages like Javascript, Ruby or Python and really important to see them written in system languages like Rust and C++,”

The IOHK is optimistic that Cardano will be a big market competitor to DApps oriented blockchain networks like Ethereum & EOS. However, this will only happen once the team leverages the smart contract tech to enhance its network features. At the moment, Cardano is working towards the releasing Goguen, the milestone that will integrate smart contracts with the ADA ecosystem.


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