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The cryptocurrency space has grown very fast in a very short time and investors continue to diversify their crypto portfolios. In order to tap into the uptake boom, Ethereum Classic has joined hands with Blockfolio Signal to be part of the revisionary outfit that makes it easier for investors to manage their portfolios.

The platform will make it easier for the Ethereum Classic developers and the networks’ cooperative to share the latest developments related to the ecosystem. To get involved, all you need is to have the Blockfolio app installed and start tracking notifications from it. This is far much easier that following all posts on social media and other online news channels.

Ethereum Classic Introduction of Blockfolio Signal

Ethereum Classic has been working towards transforming their ecosystem to give it a new completive edge in the face of fierce competition in the dApp niche. The steady development pace has seen the coin visibility increase through being added on user facing platforms like Skrill and Robinhood.

The introduction of a their party development platform will see more announcements coming through and having a central point to keep their growing user base updated could not have come at a better time. Picking of Blockfolio Signal makes a lot more sense to keep ETC updates in check.

The announcement made earlier this month through a short tweet says:

Ethereum Classic Joins @Blockfolio’s Signal Program

Catch every $ETC update directly from the teams & cooperative 💚

Don’t miss a thing, turn on your notifications! 🔴#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing pic.twitter.com/RvYaUo9C5A

— Classic is Coming (@ClassicIsComing)

October 2, 2018

About Blockfolio Signal

Blockfolio is a simple and easy to use application that helps you manage your portfolios across assets; it supports more than 3,000 digital assets and is not only intended for ETC alone. There are several portfolio management apps in the market but Blockfolio Signal offers a one stop shop for your entire portfolio.

The Social Media Manager at Blockfolio sums up the application as:

“Think of Signal as a place to gather insight into the projects in your portfolio. A way to find out the latest news, updates and exciting announcements from the executive leadership of the tokens you HODL. No middle man. No waiting for a press release or catching that elusive tweet at the right time. We’ve created a single place for you to get the information you need, the moment it becomes available.”

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Worrying Trend as Investors Exit

Since the ETC price got a boost from Coinbase listing, all has not been well with the 16th largest coin by market cap. The price has been in a subtle downtrend which has kept holders worried. The price has dropped from the $18 mark to the current $10.97. However, the coin has managed to gains 1.85% against the dollar, the price has been behaving in contrast to what the development team has achieved during the same period.

The ETC price stood at $12.71 on September 1 and closed the month at a low of $11.22 representing a loss of about 12% and this has also seen the volumes from major exchanges dropping and this has seem much of ETC volumes pass through EXX exchange which accounted for 27.66%.

The trader preference for the ETC/BTC and ETC/USDT is a clear indication that there is a substantial exit from ETC to either BTC or traders are using the stable coin USDT to exit to fiat, which is a worrying trend. The other reason for the price stagnation could be high profile investor holding on to the coin when the price is low so that they can cash in on a price surge.


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