Nano (NANO), NANO Coin

The best thing has happened to the Nano (NANO) coin is the change of its brand name from RaiBlocks (XRB). This also saw change in the brand route to market entry strategy change and the community took charge of the entire ecosystem. The strategy has been bearing fruits and the popularity of the coin has been rising.

The coin has been gaining a lot of visibility especially through the various market channels and more so the exchanges. This has given the coin additional global reach at a time when the coin communication channels were twitter, Reddit and their official blog, Medium.  However, the community has initiated a Google ad campaign that is bearing fruits on the adoption front.

The brand market repositioning has been long and the NANO price has had its share of ups and downs. Same time last year the price was at $0.084142 and the December-January crypto boom saw it spike to an all-time high of $34.43. The market has since gone back to normalcy which has seen the NANO price stabilize around the $2 threshold.

Nano (NANO) Listed on FastXcrypto Exchange

The Nano community has another reason to smile as he NANO coin has been added on the FastXcrypto platform. The announcement comes at a time when the community is working towards creating user awareness on the ecosystem to grow its user base in order to push for increased demand leading to value growth.

While making the announcement through their verified twitter handle a day ago, Nano said:

Nano @nano

$Nano is now available to trade on @fastxcrypto

 – 7 Oct 2018

The announcement might not have created a lot of hype but the addition means a lot to the Nao community. The platform is one of the easiest to use trading outfits in the market today. The trading interface offers a wide selection of coins to choose from making it easy for the market experts and new adopters to trade.

This s simple three-step app where you only need to select the coin you want to buy or sell. Deposit the amount you are willing to spend and the funds are sending to the wallet address you provide. That how easily you can access the Nano coin. What’s more; you can change your coins to fiat though this requires a quick verification.

Nano (NANO) Google Ad Campaign Results released

The Nano Community appears to be moving from the traditional hype generated crypto growth to a more professional route to the market.  According to a post on Reddit from u/Kojoslayer  through the Nano Center the Goggle ad campaign is bearing fruits as per the data collected.

According to the recent results, the ad campaign is quite positive and could be a major breakthrough in the coming months. The report says in part:

“Overall the data has given us a great insight into demographics, locations and more on how to target more effectively going forward. We still only have a small sample of data here but we have confirmed 92,073 times the video has been viewed 30 seconds or longer. 58 users have signed up to a wallet and used the faucet. This does not include people who just signed up to a wallet and bought direct, just joined the community, used the faucet directly etc. I’m really happy with the results and insights we have gained from this marketing effort. Thanks again to everyone who donated towards this project!”

He add campaign is geo-targeted and the results indicate are very critical in highlighting areas of high uptake and those with low adoption and formulate ways of attaining additional reach. The results breakdown covers ad views, the top channels, and impressions by country, the most used devices and website clicks.

This is a very bold move and will see the team plan and execute their marketing and achieve the desired results. The release of the results and the addition of NANO to FastXcrypto have seen the coin record gains of 2.72% to the dollar to trade at 2.20 in the last 24-hour trading session.


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