The crypto market has lost about $20 billion in the last 24 hours. In this period, bitcoin (BTC) has dropped from $6600 to a low of $6000. It has since stabilized at around $6200. Altcoins have taken the biggest hit in this market as most of them are down by over 10%. However, in this sea of red, one altcoin stands out, and that’s PIVX coin.  PIVX (PIVX) has been quite stable in the last 24 hours. Though it hasn’t made any significant gains, PIVX (PIVX) is one of the few cryptos that have held their value in the last 24 hours.

But with the bearish momentum in the market, can PIVX coin hold on to its gains? Well, there is a good possibility that it will hold its value. That’s because after a crash like the one experienced today, the market tends to rebound. That’s because investors take advantage of such market drops to make buy orders. As such, in the next 24 to 48 hours, the market could rebound and since PIVX is already bullish, it would emerge a big winner. That’s because as buy volumes begin to rise, it is cryptos that have bullish sentiment that stand to gain the most.

Secondly, PIVX (PIVX) has some good fundamentals, which means that in a bullish market, it would be a big gainer in the market. One of its biggest strong points is that is probably one of the best privacy coins in the market. In the past, PIVX used to be called Darknet before the name was changed to PIVX. The name was changed to avoid the negative association that comes with the dark web. However, PIVX (PIVX)’s strength in this market is actually a good thing, one that gives it a strong fundamental value. That’s because the fact that it has a use case in the dark web means that it has good privacy features. People who use the dark web look for absolute privacy and the fact they find PIVX favorable goes to show that it has powerful privacy features. This aspect will see this coin make significant in-roads in the privacy coins market over time.  This aspect to it will continue to draw in users looking for privacy, and it will play a role in helping PIVX not just hold on to its value, but also grow in value going into the future.

Thirdly, PIVX uses POS mining and allows investor to earn by staking coins. This feature will over time draw in investors looking to earn a passive income from the crypto markets. As more people flock into PIVX coin for the gains it offers, its value in the market will rise significantly.

On this basis, it is safe to conclude that PIVX (PIVX) has a good chance of not just holding value in the short-term, but could also make significant gains going into the long-run. It is a high potential privacy coin that could reward investors immensely as the crypto matures. The possibility of PIVX hitting double digits in the near future is high.


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