Cybermiles (CMT)

The Cybermiles mainnet launch will be happening in 48 hours. According to the Cybermiles website, the token migration from ERC20 has already started. This goes to show that the process is gaining traction, even before the official day of the switch to the CMT mainnet.  As this date approaches, Cybermiles seems to be gaining traction price wise too. Cybermiles (CMT) is one of the best performers in the last 24 hours and seem to be gaining momentum. If current momentum sustains, then Cybermiles could end up as one of the best performers in the next 24 to 72 hours? But is this just a hype that will be followed by a dump as has happened in the past with most other cryptos?

Going by what Cybermiles is trying to achieve, it is clear that this is not your average pump and dump coin. This is a crypto that has what it takes to make significant gains going forward. One thing that gives Cybermiles the potential to outperform going into 2019 is its approach to the smart contracts market. Most platform blockchains are designed for the techies. It’s not something that most business can integrate into their systems with ease. This is a big deal because for this market to grow, it will have to be easy for small businesses to integrate.

Cybermiles perfectly deals with this issue because it has customized smart contracts that ecommerce sites can easily integrate into their businesses. To make things even easier for businesses, Cybermiles is fully compatible with Ethereum. This allows for easy porting of Dapps from Ethereum to Cybermiles without the need to change code. Given that Ethereum is the dominant player in the smart contracts space, it then follows that in the long-term, Cybermiles stands a good chance at adoption in the smart contracts market.

On top of that, Cybermiles is superfast. One of the biggest bottlenecks to the adoption of blockchain technology is the transaction speeds. The speeds just can’t compete with centralized systems. Cybermiles has solved this problem and that’s a big deal. Cybermiles is probably one of the fastest blockchains in the market today. It can handle up to 10,000 transactions per second. That’s way higher than what most platform blockchains can handle. This makes it perfectly suited for the ecommerce market, and after it launches its mainnet, it could easily emerge as one of the most adopted blockchains in the ecommerce ecosystem.

It is also noteworthy that the Cybermiles blockchain has no fees. This makes it perfectly suited for the ecommerce market, since in such a high transaction environment, costs could be a factor. And the best part is that it does this without compromising on the security of the network, which makes it even more attractive to ecommerce businesses looking to adopt blockchain technology.

As such, if its fundamentals are anything to go by, then Cybermiles (CMT) could emerge as one of the best crypto investments in 2019 and beyond. It is one of the few cryptos that have the fundamentals to back up the market hype.


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