Electroneum (ETN)

For many people who have been sitting on the fence making decisions whether to stay on the fiat side or shift base to crypto, the time has come to own the easy to get Electroneum (ETN) coin. The current good price run and market cap growth is based on the ease of owning ETN. As long as you have a smart phone, you can start changing your digital asset portfolio and grow.

The coin has been in the news and spectators have been thinking the ETN price hike is a pump and dump but they have been proved wrong. New entrants in the crypto verse are usually undervalued and Electroneum has been seen just another “attention seeking coin” but its potential is just starting to sink in and the project value proposition is what is driving the ETN craze among investors.

The Electroneum Craze and Strategic Partnerships

Electroneum project team has been working behind the scenes only for the coin to hit the headlines towards the end of September when it surged by over 45%. The January XIUS partnership has played a major role which has seen it the firm give ETN substantial visibility to its 65million plus subscribers.

XIUS is an arm of Megasoft telecommunication, a global payment leader that used the power of the mobile. XIUS has its presence in six continents and the smartphone craze and penetration has helped the global brand become a household name, an attribute Electroneum is riding on to grow. XIUM prides itself with monthly transactions worth $1billion which makes the partnership a huge milestone for the coin.

Electroneum is also deriving a lot of visibility from the Unified Media, a firm that specializes in reselling financial and communication services through value addition. This will also see the coin visibility reach its 130million audience across the globe.

The partnership with a virtual mobile network, Effortel which brings together over six mobile operators is also another major boost for the digital coin. The firms’ presence spreads across seven countries in three continents and growing due to internet and mobile phone penetration in virgin markets.

What is Pushing Electroneum Price?

The entry of Electroneum into the crypto space has been straight forward and the team knows where other mobile based payment ecosystems have failed. While many platforms are concentrating on the price value, Electroneum is looking at its future in the market and how it can partner with existing systems to be the platform of choice.

The platform is compliant with crypto-sphere regulations and this has seen increased trust and confidence from adopters and investors. The current partners are crypto-aware and know what the regulations mean to their businesses and that is why Electroneum is their natural choice.

The platform compliance with KYC requirements is another plus given that it is working with mobile telephony and payment firms that are required by law to pass the KYC requirement in order to offer personalized service that discerns the user. This is why the ETN coin price is not getting a pump boost but generic.

Internet and mobile penetration is on the rise and this has helped the coin reach more people in a shorter period and the ease to mine ETN coins using smartphones is an added advantage for the ecosystem. In addition, the marketing team has started a mass adoption campaign through awareness events that kicked off on October 1.

Electroneum (ETN) Price Outlook

With the continued efforts to attain substantial mainstream uptake in the payment niche, the coin has been trading on the green territory for a while and this has continued to the last 24 hour trading session where to coin has gained 2.75% to the dollar to trade  at $0.021885.

Witt more adoption underway, the ETN value is set to increase and this should tag along its price. As the community waits for the Instant Pay API and the KYC initiative, those with compatible smartphones will continue to mine ETN before rolling out Android Cloud mining is unveiled in the coming days.


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