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The market has been settling down from the recent bearish run. XRP (XRP) was among those coins which highly suffered from it. This price of XRP went down from $0.47 USD to the lows of $0.37 USD, but know the market has settled down and XRP has surged back up to $0.44 USD. Ripple in last few days have made a lot of developments with different organizations. 

XRP (XRP) have completed the following partnerships and developments in last few days; MoneyMatch completed its first blockchain transaction with Ripple, Alphacat has added XRP real-time forecasting engine in ACAT store and Brazilian biggest exchange Mercado Bitcoin has added XRP on its platform, making XRP available to over one million users. So, these past few days have been very busy for Ripple and they have progressed on with their projects with different firms.  

MoneyMatch 1st Blockchain Transaction with Ripple 

MoneyMatch announced that they have completed their first live cross-border transaction out of Malaysia through the blockchain XRP (XRP). The first transaction has been successful for the fintech startup. MoneyMatch claims that the transaction was very cheap as compared to the traditional telegraphic transfer, and the transaction has been made from MYR to EUR by a retail user. The company will keep on to work with different regulated authorities across different countries, who are working with the XRP blockchain including countries like India, USA, Thailand and other regions, expanding their network.

Alphacat Adds XRP (XRP) real time forecasting Engine on ACAT Store  

Alphacat is a robo-advisor which provides traders with advises on the cryptocurrency. Alphacat have announced that they will be listing XRP (XRP) real time forecasting application on ACAT store, which will be starting from 15th Oct. The Ripple’s forecasting application authorizes the traders to foretell the direction of digital currency prices in half an hour time. Alphacat uses the TensorFlow artificial intelligence framework along with the PRNN-LSTM algorithm. The company professes that their prediction algorithms will help the users to determine that when to buy and sell the digital assets.  

Mercado Bitcoin Exchange Lists XRP (XRP) 

Different digital currency exchanges around the world are adopting XRP, as they are coming to know about the benefits of listing XRP on their exchanges. The investors around the world have kept their interest in XRP. The Brazilian largest exchange, Mercado Bitcoin is the newest among the exchanges to list the worlds 3rd most valuable coin the crypto network. Regarding the listing Gustavo Chamati stated: 

“The expansion of the portfolio represents an important step in our growth strategy this year, which includes an even greater professionalism in business management, improvements in customer service and relationships, and investments of around $10 million in security of information” 

Market Performance 

At the time of writing, XRP was trading with a price of $0.44 USD with a market cap of $17.6 USD and a trading volume of $969 million. In last 24 hour, XRP was increasing at a rate of 5.56%. After the recent price drop in the bear market, the price of XRP has surged back to $0.44 USD which shows a good sign for XRP. 


This recent developments of Ripple shows that the world has kept their interest in XRP blockchain technology. All these developments are sign of XRP heading high into the future. The RippleNet and xRapid have been a success for XRP and different organizations around the world have trusted and adopted XRP because of its fast and rapid network. 


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