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It is no secret that Tron (TRX) along with its creator Justin Sun, CEO of Tron Foundation are aiming at making it back to the top 10 coins in market cap, with the number 6 spot the highest the coin has ever ranked. This is one of the goals of the Tron Foundation and the community as well, to hit the sixth rank once again.

Stellar (XLM), powered and developed by the Stellar Organization, is one of the current wonder-stars of the cryptocurrency universe having recently released the StellarX decentralized exchange that is set to offer a free transaction and trading system.

TRX will need to dislodge Stellar (XLM), the current number 6, to reach its goal. It will be fun to witness the battle of TRX vs XLM in 2019 as the two projects continue to show a finesse rarely seen in the cryptocurrency market.

The battle of the “mega supply” tokens

Stellar has a total of 18+ billion XLM tokens in circulation while Tron has a total of 65+ billion TRX tokens in circulation. With such a huge number of tokens circulating, potentially rising to 104+ billion and 99+ billion respectively, gives both coins a potential to rise on top of the charts in future.

Stellar (XLM)

Main Act: StellarX, the decentralized exchange by Stellar

The recent launch of the StellarX platform, a decentralize exchange that aims at offering zero transaction fees and free peer to peer trade. The platform is one of the major developments seen on Stellar so far in the year after the crazy rise seen on prices at the start of 2018.

“StellarX is built on Stellar’s universal order book. Trades happen directly between traders. No middlemen, no miners. You trade from your own wallet and keep total control of your keys.  Transactions settle in seconds, and trading on StellarX costs nothing. We refund your network fees and we even return Stellar’s automatic 1% APR inflation to our users, keeping none of the weekly airdrops for ourselves.” – StellarX website


Main Act: The Tron Mainnet

It would not make any sense to compare the achievements seen on Tron Foundation with those by Stellar Organization as they both have their roadmaps, which have so far been fulfilled by both blockchain development teams.

The announcement of the Tron Mainnet is as important to Tron as the latest fascination of StellarX. The migration from the Ethereum has so far been successful with a number of decentralized applications already having migrated to the TRON Mainnet.

An upcoming “huge partnership” announced by Justin Sun earlier in the month will also work towards pushing the coin to its goal.

TRON (TRX) vs Stellar (XLM) Price Analysis

The cryptocurrency market saw an overall increase in prices as the slump witnessed over the weekend was quickly erased from the charts. The domineering effect of Bitcoin was evident as the coin traded $400 USD higher than the close price on Friday evening pushing the rest of the coins up with it.

Tron (TRX) currently trades at $0.024984 USD, representing a 2.56% gain in the past 24 hours. With a total market capitalization of $1,642,649,702 USD, TRX is ranked 11th in the top ranking charts on Coinmarketcap.

Stellar (XLM) returns in the past 24 hours clocked at 4.50% to see the price close at $0.225663 USD as at time of writing. The 6th placed coin saw its daily volume almost tripled by that of TRX at 70 million USD worth of XLM traded compared to 208 million worth of TRX traded in the past day. The coin has a total market capitalization of $4,262,913,750 USD.


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