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The goal of global cryptocurrency adoption starts with educating the masses on the subject to ease transaction us. Verge Currency targets the young generation to solve the mass adoption problem amidst having one of its most changing times in recent months.

We are in a time that any ‘expert’ can give their opinion and predictions on any market in the cryptocurrency world. With the industry still at its infancy in development and adoption, anything goes! This information supplied through the internet makes most investors in the cryptocurrency world irrational in their trading decisions. This effect spreads to the market causing large swings of crypto prices and market capitalization. In essence, this keeps the capital available for the development of the platform volatile, causing problems for many tokens.

The troubles Verge Currency (XVG) in 2018

Verge Currency (XVG) has been one of the most affected coins during the year due to the volatility seen in the market. The current price of XVG stands at $0.014608 USD representing slightly more than a 1/20 of the gains seen during the all-time high (ATH) price set in December 2017.

With the price dropping at a fast pace in the first quarter of the year, XVG suffered even more in the second quarter when the partnership with Mindgeek, parent company to adult site Pornhub, did not go to plan causing an even larger crash in XVG’s price.

Verge has seen its worst period yet in the price charts where prices fell harder as the days went by from a high of $0.22 USD to below a tenth of that currently. The “failed” partnership caused a huge drop in not only price but heavily affected the reputation as well. A vibrant Verge community competed on a favorable level with TRON community on social media influence. This has since died through the months as Verge marketing also dropped sharply in late May.

It is a “slippery slope” effect for the Verge Currency development team and community during the year, but the coin ended Q3 2018 on a high with a few partnerships sealed. This quarter started even better as Verge partners with the future generations to increase its mass adoption across the globe.

Future generations key to Verge Currency mass adoption

Verge is a privacy coin built and developed for real life cases with high transaction speeds, cryptographic security levels and extremely low transaction fees. It is channeling the transactions over the Tor network which hides the location of the users. On top of this privacy features, Verge also offers optional stealth addresses, providing users to have private transactions on the same public blockchain.

The Verge team saw the opportunity lying in the younger generations understanding the need for education and understanding of cryptocurrencies to younger generations, especially children to mass adoption of crypto across the globe.

The team has started the education and sponsored training to young Motocross racers in a bid to increase the participation of children in the world of cryptocurrency. One of the racers, Danny Robertson said,

“I think that kids around the world will be using cryptocurrency, and especially verge when they grow up. I am excited to be part of the cryptocurrency community”.


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