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Nano coin (NANO) has been a coin to look in to crypto market. The crypto community is still small, and the value to its market mainly comes from speculation. But, as the market will grow, crypto value will be improved by adoption. The adoption cryptocurrency is mainly driven by end-user, and this is where Nano coin (NANO) has an edge in terms of long-term adoption and stability in its price. Nano has been the leading coin, as it has progressed on with its last week developments. Currently, it is one of the leaders of the market and it has the ability to be one of coin, to be most talked about in future because its rapid.  

Epoch Blocks 

In the coming week, Nano’s dev team will start to distribute Epoch blocks across the network. Every account chain and any unopened account with an unsettled receive, will be given an Epoch block. Nano dev team have worked hard and only leaves Nano network with Universal block only, which have the entire state of an account in one bunch of data. Nano will be launching a complete explanation of the Epoch block soon. 

v17 (Boulton) 

After the successful launch of the v16.2 last week, Nano developers are working on to launch the next Nano node software, which is known as Boulton. It incorporates a vital characteristic of idle bootstrapping. Nano network is looking forward to share about its next version of Boulton.  

Live on Payfair 

Nano is now available for trading on Payfair, it is a decentralized escrow network and p2p exchange. With the listing of Nano on Payfair exchange, it shows that now it will be paired against up to 35 fiat currencies across the globe. This is a huge boost for Nano, as it will help Nano to stabilize its price heading in to the future. Due to the independence of Nano from Bitcoin, the inherent value of Nano coin is a lot high. This could lead Nano to a rapid rise and going in to future makes Nano more valuable.  

Final iOS Testflight 

A final testflight version has been launched by Zack. The users of Nano coin who have an out dated testflight version of Nano Wallet Company iOS wallet. The users are now able to use the newly launched final iOS testflight and it is good news for them as they will now be able to use their coin. 

Nano Transaction Speed 

The top cryptocurrencies take way more time than Nano for the transaction of money. Bitcoin almost takes 20 minutes on Binance exchange, whereas Ethereum almost takes 7 and half minutes. XRP which is one of the highly recognized coin for transaction of money takes 10 seconds but Nano coin only takes 3 seconds. It is ultra-fast as compared to other digital assets. Nano tweeted: 

“The most recent exchange deposit speed test by @bitcoinkit1 has been released and $Nano is still number one, but you already knew that right?”

Market Performance 

At the time of writing, Nano was trading with a price of $2.08 USD having a market cap of $276 USD million and had a trading volume of about $11.4 USD million. Currently, it was leading up with a rate of 8% in last 24 hours and has been the top coin gainers in last 30 hours’ time. It has significantly increased its market cap and looking to impress the investors around. 


The above developments will have a key role in driving up the levels of adoption of Nano coin. Through Payfair, it will be available to investors directly through fiat. The Nano coin demand can boost up really quick in coming days. Nano has dropped its price after its all-time highs of over $30 USD, but know it looks to regain its price back and with is developments we may see Nano going past its all-time highs soon. 


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