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It has been an interesting 24 hours in the markets today, and most cryptos are in the red. Interestingly two top 10 cryptos, Stellar (XLM) and XRP (XRP) are showing positive momentum. What’s most interesting about these two cryptos is that they have an almost similar use case. Both are looking to revolutionize the global financial system. This could be a pointer to the fact that the finance industry could be the most lucrative for cryptocurrencies. The finance industry is worth trillions of dollars, and if these two manage to disrupt it, then it could be a moonshot for both of them.  But what really sets the two apart? Are they competitors? To understand this, one needs to look at the core attributes of both.

Starting with stellar (XLM), the core aim of this platform is to enhance financial inclusion. Stellar aims to ensure that even the poor can access financial services with ease. It does this by enabling developers with the technology to develop financial products. It also aims to do this through partnerships that can help achieve this goal.  In essence, stellar is all about ensuring that everyone in the world has equal success to financial services that can help make their lives better.

On its part, XRP is all about ease of money transfer in the global finance system.  Through XRapid, banks and other financial institutions can leverage on blockchain technology to give their customers easy access to the global financial system. Through XRapid, banks also get to cut on costs in transferring value across the globe. As such, the more banks use it, the more its value in the market will increase.

From the above, it is clear that these two cryptos have two different fundamental goals, though they both have strong potential for growth. Stellar has the potential to grow because there is a big need in the market for easily accessible financial services. A good chunk of the world population doesn’t have access to financial services, which means that stellar can only get better in the market.

On its part, XRP has what it takes to take over the payments market. That’s because, as it is, this market is extremely inefficient. As Brad Garlinghouse put it, it is easier to fly money to a destination, instead of sending it via existing systems. This makes for a great opportunity, one that will see the value of this crypto rise significantly over time.

Going by their massive use cases in the market, it is clear that these two cryptos have what it takes to keep rising even in a shaky market. Once the market turns bullish, these two stand the best chances of outperforming the market. They are already showing signs of growth, especially stellar (XLM), which has been strongly bullish for the last 4 months. In a market that is so uncertain, these are the only two cryptos whose use case is pretty solid and guaranteed, which makes them good long holds. They are worthy having in a long-term crypto portfolio, since they have the potential to generate significant wealth for investors.


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