Digibyte (DGB)

Let’s take a hypothetical scenario where someone new to crypto is reviewing coins. Let’s also assume that this person has no idea about crypto news of any kind.  They are just focused on the tech, and the technical strength of the individual coins. One thing that this person would realize is that there is a huge mismatch between tech superiority, and ranking on market cap. It would quickly dawn on them that some of the most technically advanced coins don’t even rank in the top 20, leave alone the top 10.  One coin that such an individual would find particularly striking is Digibyte (DGB). It would surprise them that this coin is nowhere near the top 10!

One reason why it would be surprising is the unrivalled levels of innovation in Digibyte. One of Digibyte’s greatest innovations is its ability to scale on-chain, and with ease. Digibyte makes use of an innovation known as Digispeed. This allows it to increase the block size after every two years. By doing this, Digibyte will continue doubling in transaction speeds perpetually. Through this innovation, Digibyte will be able to hit speeds of up to 200k tps by the year 2035, and in a decentralized environment.

These are crazy speeds that make Digibyte a worthy competitor to any centralized payment system in existence today. Even at current rates, Digibyte pretty much dwarfs the rest of the crypto projects in terms of speeds. It can do upwards of 650 tps. While there are lots of projects out there that claim to achieve higher transactions per second, most of them are centralized, thereby defeating the whole essence of blockchain technology. Without decentralization, blockchain is nothing but a glorified database, which offers nothing that current centralized systems can’t offer.

Other than speed, which is a solution to blockchain’s biggest headache of scalability, Digibyte (DGB) is also extremely secure. Punch for punch, Digibyte takes the crown as the most secure blockchain projects in existence. It makes use of 5 mining algorithms, and each one of them uses another of Digibyte’s innovations called Digishield.  So good is Digishield that it is used by other cryptos as well, some of which rank way higher than Digibyte (DGB) on coin market cap.

Digibyte’s security means that investors can always rest easy that a 51% would never happen on DGB. If an attack on DGB were to happen and succeed, then it would be time to say goodbye to crypto. That’s because it would mean that all other projects could be attacked, and the success rate would make a 51% attack look like child’s play.

These are just a few aspects to Digibyte (DGB). There are many others that are unrivalled in this space. As such, the fact that ranks in the 30s would be a shocker to our hypothetical guy. Back to the real world, the fact that Digibyte (DGB) is not in the top 10 just goes to show how much this market is dominated by hype. The scary part is that once the hype comes to an end, and it will, lots of people will realize that they are holding worthless tokens that have no value at all. At that point, the ranking will be very different, with cryptos like Digibyte (DGB) trading very near the top of the market.


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