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In a partnership first announced on Cryptoglobalist in July this year, public blockchain Qtum (QTUM) is now officially integrated into the Amazon Web Services. The partnership will see the online cloud computing company work with QTUM blockchain to introduce its users to a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) solutions through the platform.

Furthermore, the partnership aims at allowing AWS users to develop and launch smart contracts “quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively” using an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) created and developed by the QTUM team.

The latest announcement saw the coin rise by 6% in the past 24 hours, to close above the $4 USD mark for the first time in a week. The rise represents a 30% increase in QTUM’s price in the past 30 days showing signs of improvement since its huge drop from all-time high prices in January past the $100-mark.

The Amazon Web Services and QTUM Organization will work hand in hand to develop a platform that gets feedback from consumers about Amazon and support the less technical consumers in the software development arena. More so, members receive business, technical, sales, and marketing resources to help expand their businesses and support their customers.

“We are going to work together [with Amazon] to contact different customers and clients. We’re looking into use cases, and the best way to do it is to have a contact with companies who have those use cases. Some clients have their own ideas and their own developers, and some of them want more support from us, want to talk to us directly,” Mike Palencia, Qtum’s chief information officer.

This recent partnership with AWS will boost the QTUM development team and community hopes to reach those heights again in the future as adoption of the coin increases.

QTUM gets a $100-mark resurgence opportunity

Amazon Web Services partnership offers the Singapore based firm an opportunity to hit its ATH prices again in the future. First, corporations rarely come bigger than Amazon which offers not only expertise and technical development skills but also reputation and pride. With these tools, QTUM will be able to boost its

In July, the price of QTUM spiked by 20% in a day when the news broke, and the current bullish trend seems to show the impact Amazon will have on the coin. Will the Amazon partnership be enough to push QTUM back to the ATH prices seen in January?

Amazon adopting QTUM?  

QTUM remains one of the quickest, cheapest and safest blockchain projects in the world today. With a partnership already running with one wing of Amazon running, QTUM chances of being the “Amazon cryptocurrency” have increased a significant amount. An integration to the Amazon market place will see massive adoption in the coin which will push the price up together with it.

It will be an almost impossible task for QTUM, pronounced Quantum, to hit the $100-mark in the coming year, even if integrated to Amazon, with the market’s gradual rise. However, with the constant developments seen and more partnerships by the QTUM Organization, the price mark will be achieved in the near future.


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