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Four days ago, Jared Tate retweeted a tweet by Texas bitcoin about his upcoming book titled blockchain 2035. This book, if it becomes a hit could significantly uplift the value of Digibyte (DGB) by creating more awareness about it, and its core attributes. But the title of this book is also quite thought provoking. It raises a number of questions about Digibyte.

For instance, what are the prospects of Digibyte (DGB) going into 2035? Will it survive that long? These are questions that can help determine how good Digibyte (DGB) is as an investment not just in the next few months, but for decades to come. Going by its fundamentals, there is a good chance that Digibyte (DGB) could be a big deal by the year 2035.  Several factors support this assertion.

First, all indications are that the future is in digital currencies. The fiat currencies of several countries have up to this point failed. Many more are at risk due to ballooning sovereign debt in an increasingly shaky global economy. There is also the fact that major global powers are increasingly showing distrust in each other’s currencies. This could trigger a reset where the world shifts to digital currencies, and Digibyte (DGB) could be one of those cryptos that will take center-stage in such a system. That’s because it has attributes that make it globally acceptable. For instance, it has no affiliations to any country, and this could make it attractive as a standard for payments in the global economy.

On top of that, with the growing security challenges for centralized internet systems, the future is clearly in decentralized security systems that don’t have a single point of failure. Since Digibyte is by far one of the most secure blockchains in the market, there is no doubt that it has a future in cyber security going into the 2020s and 2030s. Once it starts gaining adoption for this purpose, it could be one of the best gainers in the next decade.

There is also the fact that awareness about Digibyte (DGB) will rise significantly over time. Part of this awareness will come from the possibility that the top 100 cryptos will change drastically in a few years. There are lots of tokens that rank quite highly today, but don’t have much of a use case in the market. This can’t sustain for long, and many of them will crumble over time. It’s just like in the dot com bubble, when lots of weak companies were flying high. Today, most of them have fold up and only the really strong projects have thrived. It will most likely be the same thing in crypto.

In the next 5 years, most weak projects will die off, and it is strong projects like Digibyte (DGB) that will rise to the top. As Digibyte rises, its demand in the market will rise too, and this could see its price rise significantly over time. By the 2030s, Digibyte could be trading in the high double digits based on its uses in different aspects of the global economy. It’s a worthy hold for long-term investors.


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