ZCash, ZEC

With more than 1000 cryptos in the market, predicting long-term winners can be a daunting task. It’s even more complicated given that the market has been extremely volatile for the last one year. However, by looking at overall market dynamics and individual crypto fundamentals, one can narrow down on some of the coins that have a high probability of growth in the long-run. One coin that has a realistic chance for growth going into the future is ZCash (ZEC). Several factors support the possibility of ZCash performing well in the future.

  1. It’s well recognized in the market

There are lots of privacy coins out there. However, not many are well-known in the market. ZCash is one of the most recognized privacy coins in the market, alongside Monero (XMR). Over time the market will consolidate around a few privacy coins and ZCash will be one of them, due to its market recognition. It’s the same thing with the rest of the market.  Most coins that are lagging behind in terms of recognition could die off eventually while the big players get even bigger and more adopted. This makes ZCash a high potential coin going into the future.  If current rates of adoption are anything to go by, then the privacy coins market could consolidate around ZCash and Monero (XMR) in the future. ZCash’s recognition is quite visible in its adoption by major institutions like JP Morgan, which uses ZCash’s privacy technology.

  1. The privacy market is a high growth market

Of all the markets that blockchain projects are targeting, the privacy market is one of the most lucrative. That’s because the doors are slowly closing on off-shore banking destinations, with international pressure growing against them. This means that wealthy people looking to shield their wealth will have to look for alternative going into the future. Privacy coins offer the next best alternative for such people.  Since ZCash (ZEC) is one of the more recognized privacy coins out there, chances are that it will play a huge role as a decentralized off-shore bank, for the wealthy to secretly move money, without attracting public scrutiny.  While this may not be an ethical use case for ZCash and other privacy coins, the fact remains that it is a huge market, and will continue to grow over time, as the number of super-rich people grows all across the world. This is a use case that could easily push ZCash to thousands of dollars a coin.

  1. It has respectable privacy features

In terms of technical capabilities, ZCash (ZEC) has some of the best privacy features in the market. It makes use zero knowledge proof technology, which is amazing in terms of privacy. That’s because it anonymizes the amount being sent, the sending as well as the receiving address. This makes it quite appealing to individuals and institutions looking for private transactions. This is a major factor that will drive up the value of ZCash (ZEC) going into the future. It has the potential to trade at thousands of dollars a coin.


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