IOTA (MIOTA) has been very active in this whole month, as it goes on to impress the crypto network through its new developments in its tangle technology. IOTA has looked to impress most of the crypto users around the world with its latest developments. IOTA’s partnerships in the last one year with world’s top firms have led it to increase it mass adoption and it continues to impress the world with its importance in IoT.

Trinity Mobile 0.5.1v 

IOTA has released the new version of Trinity Mobile wallet. IOTA has upgraded the Trinity Mobile wallet to 0.5.1v. A Safe Wallet for Everyone, Trinity protects users every step of the way, from setting up their wallet, to making safe transactions. Trinity on mobile and desktop offer the same features and security, so users are free to use whichever they are most comfortable with. The following addition and changes have been made in the wallet; 


  • Add support for Hungarian. 
  • Use system time zone for timestamps.  

Fixes and improvements 

  • Fix Android splash screen hang UI updates for iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR.  
  • Significant UI refactoring, including global modal system.  
  • Fix Seed Vault import/export crash by temporarily disabling Seed Vault on iPhone XS/XS Max/XR. 
  • Fix Seed Vault import issues on iOS 12. 
  • Fix permission issues for Seed Vault import on Android.   
  • Compress images. 
  • Fix unnecessary ‘9999…’ transaction added in bundles created by Snapshot Transition. 
  • Change to ‘memset_s’ in Entangled for iOS. 
  • Fix various crashes. 
  • Modularize seed storage. 
  • Navigation library upgrade. 

IOTA (MIOTA) is the Pillar of IoT & IoT is the Pillar of AI 

Internet of Things (IoT) holds one of the biggest potentials for the change in technology being used around the world. The IoT is emerging as the new face of modern-day technology. IoT will be the fastest growing market in next few years and IOTA has gathered an entire new prospect for IoT, but for the Industry 4.0 itself. 

The fact that the evolution of IOTA and IoT, is developing the backbone Artificial Intelligence. At the moment, AI is mostly confined to the digital realm and an AI cannot directly influence the corporeal space. It will entirely change with the help of IOTA and IoT. As the world progresses, every device will be linked with Tangle/Internet and become the part of IOTA ecosystem. AI will take the world by strong and IOTA being part of its ecosystem means that IOTA will be a major part of AI network.  

On the other side cryptocurrency has been a new invention which has taken the entire world by storm. IOTA has been one of the major inventions in cryptocurrency. IOTA’s tangle technology has been the stand out for IOTA network. It in many aspects is better than blockchain as it does not use blocks instead it uses a DAG. This allows it to have other important features including zero-cost transactions, unlimited scalability. Overall, IOTA leading into IoT, the world should wait for the that moment when both of these become the face of technology. 


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