Qtum (QTUM) has outperformed some big coins since the announcement of AWS partnership. Before the revelation of this deal Qtum was on the 27th spot and now it has moved up to 26th. This has been a historical deal for Qtum network. Today (22th Oct, 2018) it has surged up to 10% outclassing different coins. 

This Partnership is a huge boost for Qtum network as they head to 2019. This deal will have a huge impact on the adoption of Qtum, and this partnership showcases the potential of the coin to partner bigger firms and increase its network. Qtum Foundation’s CIO, Miguel Palencia Said:  

“Qtum’s launch on the AWS marketplace provides an easy-to-use and powerful cloud-based solution for end users and enterprise. Anyone who wants to develop and build dapps on the Qtum platform or use it as a staking node will benefit from this.” 

After having a difficult month, full of complications Qtum has able to surge back to $4.60 USD. Since, the announcement of partnership with AWS, the price of Qtum has surged back from $3.77 USD to $4.60 USD, in a very short span. This shows that Qtum has been the stand out coin in the market in last couple of days courtesy the historical deal.  

If Qtum (QTUM) hold up successfully with its current price, the next mark would be to touch $5.15 USD and then going further up to reach the highs of $6.50, which has not been achieved by QTUM since the start of August. At the time of writing, Qtum was trading at a price of $4.60 USD, moving up with a rate of 14% in last 24 hours. It has increased its market cap significantly in last couple of days and moved up to 26th spot in the rankings. A good time for the coin to make its presence felt among the crypto world. 

Since the birth of cryptocurrency, each coin has an aim to improve its technology every single day. Qtum is a DGP controlled blockchain, where the community members have the authority to change the certain network parameters through voting. 

Qtum (QTUM) is looking forward to provide businesses with an enhanced smart contract Platform, which will enlarge the functionality as well as give a much more secure and pellucid environment. Qtum with the concept of simplifying use cases of smart contracts for businesses and instructional working. The Qtum team is aiming to take the best out of the BTC and ETH blockchain technologies.  

Qtum (QTUM) now has the opportunity to prove its worth among the cryptocurrency users. It looks like the coin is well on its way, working hard to improve its technology every day. The next few months will decide the future of the coin, as if the coin surges in any situation, whether the market will be red or green. Then QTUM has a good chance to hit the top 20 mark moving into the next year and making more deals with such top firms. 


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