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The crypto market has opened the week in negative territory, and Digibyte is no exception. Actually, things are not looking too good for Digibyte (DGB) as it has dropped from 35th to 39th.  Luckily there is something good to look forward to, one that could see Digibyte’s fortunes reverse, at least in the short-term.  Today, AntumID has announced on twitter that they would be launching Open AntumID SOAP. As per the tweet, this will be an upgraded version of Digi-ID. The idea is to allow websites integrate Digi-ID with ease. What’s most interesting about Open Antum ID SOAP is that it can be used in all programming languages.

This is a big deal for Digibyte (DGB) investors because it opens up the adoption of Digibyte by small business websites, and this is how mass adoption will come. While it would be best if the big corporations incorporate Digi-ID into their systems because of its security capabilities, the reality is that this will not happen as fast as investors would wish. Blockchain technology is still in its infancy and is yet to gain any real acceptance in mainstream corporate circles.

Even when corporates finally understand this tech, and begin adopting it, chances are that they will first go for bitcoin (BTC), since it is the largest and best known cryptocurrency. As a matter of fact, most of the institutional players that are currently looking into crypto are focused on bitcoin (BTC).

This means that it will take time to take time before cryptos like Digibyte (DGB) gain major acceptance in mainstream circles. In essence, solutions like Open AntumID SOAP that makes it easy for ordinary websites to integrate Digi-ID, will be a catalyst that would see Digibyte’s adoption pick up over time.  Once this picks momentum, it will definitely catch the eye of big players, and they too will join the bandwagon.

The need is there, and it’s only a matter of time, before the corporate world bows to the power of Digibyte. Up to this point, it is clear that centralized security systems are failing. The recent attack on Facebook is proof enough that no centralized systems are safe from attacks. These attacks will in the long-run trigger the need for solutions like DGB at the top echelons of the corporate world.

Adoption by ordinary websites will simply lay the ground work for adoption of Digibyte (DGB) security solutions in the future.  This pretty much guarantees a possible rise of Digibyte (DGB) going into the future. Cybersecurity is the one use-case that could push Digibyte (DGB) into the top 20.

From a look at the charts, it is clear that Digibyte (DGB) could be headed for a major bullish breakout.  After a prolonged bearish trend, Digibyte’s long-term chart seems to be flattening. This could be indicative of the fact that selling volumes are drying up. Once Digibyte (DGB) bulls start flowing in, its value could rise quite fast backed by low selling volumes. With solutions like Digi-ID growing in adoption, it won’t be long before bulls take Digibyte (DGB) to the moon.


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