Ripple, XRP

Earlier in October, Ripple made it clear that they will be taking part in Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication’s annual conference, also known as SIBOS. The expectation went high as soon as Ripple announced regarding that and finally the SIBOS annual conference came, and a statement from SWIFT has been the headlines for Ripple and its token coin XRP. The Global Head of Strategic Accounts of Ripple, Marcus Treacher tweeted: 

“Swift at sibos today: “The benefits of DLT are promising, but delivering it is still years away.” There are over 100 financial institutions with access to instant payments across 40 countries and 6 continents who would say otherwise. #Sibos 

It’s clear that Ripple is far ahead at the moment, with its low-cost rapid transactions turn into reality and three financial organizations are already live with xRapid. At SIBOS conference it was discussed that the banking system needs to be improved and provide fast, low-cost transactions. Well, Ripple is already providing all these facilities.  

As alike, from this event there is a probability of new users coming into the Ripple ecosystem, and we might see more banks around the world going live with Ripple’s xRapid. For the investors of XRP (XRP), they have substantial reason to hold XRP for a long period, because as soon as the banks around the world start joining Ripplenet’s xrapid, there could be a beginning to a new era. The banks around the globe recognize the importance of Ripple and this event opens a new door to the idea that Ripple-XRP could be the leading digital asset soon. XRP is the one asset with the highest amount of expectations going into future because it is in such a position where it can topple Bitcoin and become the number 1 crypto of world. 

Ripple Partners with MoneyNetInt 

The company behind XRP (i.e. Ripple) never lets its users down, with different partnerships and important notifications almost every week. MoneyNetInt, which is a UK-based trading and currency changing organization announced that they will using Ripple’s technology to operate foreign-exchanging trades. MoneyNetInt tweeted: 

“UK’s @MoneyNetInt Joins @Ripple Blockchain RippleNet!
Moneynetint, has integrated and deployed decentralized payments using Ripple blockchain network RippleNet!” 

This is another one of Ripple’s progresses, this will help it users to easily buy and trade XRP through MoneyNetInt. Day-by-day, the company is growing into world’s elite brands and if same goes on for a while Ripple will be the most used cryptocurrency around the gllobe.

Bitrue Exchange Adds XRP 

XRP (XRP) has been added on the Bitrue Exchange as a trading pair. It is a big news as this sort of pairings are very important and authoritative in crypto market. This is because a lot of trades are finished with BTC as a trading pair. Bitrue’s addition for XRP is a very good move, as it will allow XRP to become one of those coins to make the market run. This is very breathtaking step for Ripple’s XRP users and HODLers.


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