Ripple, XRP (XRP)

Ripple is always a key for the success for XRP in the Crypto market. Although both are not one and usually users do mix them. Ripple is the firm and XRP is the token launched by Ripple. So, indirectly XRP has an effect on its performance in the market, while Ripple does anything.  

Ripple has been in the news for some time now. Ripple goes on from one partnership to another and it is becoming an international phenomenon. Few months back, Ripple’s xCurrent was integrated in the National Bank of Kuwait. Soon after this news Gates Foundation declared that they will operating with Ripple and Coil. This will give payment services for those users who not have access to the services of a bank. Another big achievement for Ripple was the xRapid protocol addition to MoneyNetInt. All the collaborations and news are set to put XRP in a good position and make it bullish in future. We do not see such a strong backing platform for any other digital asset in the market.  

This is the reason everyone is going bullish on XRP and predicting it to be the face of cryptocurrency in future. In a poll held by Weiss Ratings, 72% users voted that if they would buy any coin then it would be XRP. In another poll almost 64% users voted XRP the best coin to buy under $1 USD. According to Weiss Ratings: 

“We think that the #XRP is the fastest digital asset to transfer funds between exchanges. It only makes sense for #Binance to use it as the base #currency – why should one have to go through an intermediary currency to trade?” 

Another news roaming around is that what if SEC says yes to Ripple? There is a lot of hope regarding the ongoing decision to be taken by SEC that will they approve it as a reliable security. This has been speculated because the recent meeting between Ripple and Trump administration has created a chance that SEC might except Ripple as a security.  

If SEC gives the decision in the favor of Ripple, then we can watch XRP rapidly go bullish. This is the best time to buy XRP, as it has low cost at the moment. Before it goes bullish this is the best time to buy and HODL XRP (XRP). According to some crypto analysts, XRP might hit the $10 to $12 mark. 

XRP at the moment, is fighting hard to reach the $0.5 mark. But the main thing to focus for a long run is Ripple’s current achievements. Ripple will be the key factor for XRP heading in to the future with the aim to reach the heights of crypto world.  

At the time of writing, XRP (XRP) was trading with a price of $0.46 having a market cap of $18.6 billion, having a trade volume of $469 million. The market has been a bit better today (24th Oct, 18) as XRP is surging with a rate of 3% in last 24 hours. XRP users need to HODL the coin under such situation when there is a lot of probability that XRP will be the king of digital currency as we head into another era. Ripple will be the main thing to notice and it will act as the catalyst to XRP price surge. 


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