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Ledger’s CTO has announced via twitter that they will be integrating Cardano in either November of December.

This is a big move, one that will have a positive impact on the long-term value of Cardano. That’s because, Cardano at this point is a long-term project. It is still a work-in-progress and it is largely expected that the earliest it can have an impact on the market in late 2019, going into 2020 and beyond. This means that a good portion of the Cardano community is made up of HODLERs and a hardware wallet for storing ADA is a welcome move for this community.

But it is not just Ledger that is working on integrating Cardano (ADA). Trezor is working on this as well.  As per the Trezor roadmap, they intend to integrate Cardano on their model T on the 29th of this month. That’s just a few days from now. Here is a part of a wiki release from Trezor with regards to the integration of Cardano and several other coins.

The coins listed below are going to be supported in the firmware. They might not have the native support in Trezor Wallet yet. That said, everything is ready for the developers of the respective coins (and for other third-party developers) to implement the integration into their wallets.

The wiki indicates that everything regarding the integration of Cardano and all other planned coins is ready.

The integration of Cardano into the two major hardware wallets, Ledger and Trezor could have a positive impact on the price of Cardano in the short-term as well. That’s because deep-pocketed investors could start taking an interest in Cardano (ADA). Anyone looking to buy millions of dollar worth in ADA, with the aim holding them for years, would not store them in an online wallet. They would find the safest way to store those coins and hardware wallets are among the safest.  Since Cardano has the fundamentals to back it up, it follows that smart money could start stocking up on Cardano (ADA) and this will push up its demand. As such, there is a possibility that once these hardware wallets integrate it, volumes could start picking up, and lead to a surge in price.

This is also supported by the fact that Cardano (ADA) has some interesting developments coming up in early 2019. For instance, part of the Cardano roadmap for 2019 is staking. This is something that will draw in investors going into 2019 and momentum could start building up towards the end of this year, boosted by the integration into hardware wallets. The result is that Cardano (ADA) could build up buying momentum in Nov/Dec and culminate in a bull run in 2019.

The foundation is right for the growth of Cardano going into the future. Its core fundamentals that make it scalable while maintaining decentralization will see it take a sizeable segment of the Dapps market in the future. It has what it takes to emerge as an all-encompassing crypto that touches on all aspects of the decentralized economy.


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