Electroneum (ETN) keeps on impressing the crypto users. The market has been stumbling and on the other side, ETN has surged up to 30% in last 24 hours, at the time of writing. Where the rest of the market is still having the aftershocks of bear market, Electroneum is well having a deep swim in bullish market.  

Electroneum has been surging for a while now. After the announcement of becoming the first KYC compliant has increased ETN’s price from $0.008 USD to $0.01 USD. This development has opened a new era for Electroneum and with every new day the crypto users are recognizing the importance of the coin in cryptocurrency. ETN is getting listed on bigger exchanges now and have started to partner with some bigger firms. This is a good time for Electroneum to make its presence felt among the crypto enthusiasts and investors. 

World’s 1st Instant Payment E-Commerce Package 

The price surge of Electroneum (ETN) started after ETN announced the world’s first ETN Instant Payment e-commerce software package few hours ago. With the help of Joomlapro, ETN has able to launch the wolrd’s first free ETN payment E-commerce package, Electroneum tweeted:

“Another first from the #ETN community! Claes from @joomlapro has created the world’s first #ETN Instant Payment e-commerce software package.” 

The users will be able to download and install E-commerce Package through any web hosting. The package is configured with ETN instant payment among world’s biggest payment options including PayPal, Skrill, Amazon Pay, etc. 

Turkish Exchange Lists Electroneum 

The Turkish biggest exchange has listed Electroneum (ETN) and the users will be allowed to trade ETN along with three other pairs. The pairs include ETN/BTC, ETN/USD and Turkish fiat currency lira, Regarding the listing of ETN on Turkish exchange, Electroneum tweeted: 

“Mega news! #ETN is partnering with Turkey’s top cryptocurrency exchange to bring 3 new ETN pairings – Dollars, Lira and BitCoin – live very soon. And SistemKoin allows US citizens to trade, so they’ll be able to open an account and buy and sell ETN in USD. Exciting times!” 

With this listing Electroneum (ETN) will have a huge boost, as this will increase the adoption of ETN and help the ETN network grow more. As Turkey has been facing economic problems and the residents of Turkey are looking for a decent currency to help them out, just like what DASH has done for the people of Venezuela. So, Electroneum has a good chance to grow its network. 

Electroneum (ETN) live on Liquid 

Electronuem (ETN) is going live on Liquid, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, very soon. This is a massive moment for Electroneum, one that will mean that any vendor can benefit from our currency and our exchange network as they will be able to buy and sell ETN in fiat, Electronuem also tweeted regarding this listing: 

“Fantastic news! Massive moment for #ETN! Delighted to be working with Liquid @QuoineGlobal to bring ETN’s first fiat pairing to life! Roll on November 5th…” 

Electroneum (ETN) can be sent and received from any smartphone, while vendors can easily implement an instant payment system via a simple API. This will again a big achievement for ETN, this shows the world has started to accept Electroneum as well developed cryptocurrency.

Market Performance

At the time of writing, Electroneum (ETN) was trading with a price of $0.017 USD having a market cap of $145 million and a trade volume of $2.9 million. The coin was surging up with a rate of 25% in last 24 hours. The price has increased from today’s low of $0.013 USD to $0.018 USD, which is a significant increase in last 24 hours. 

The increase has been due to recent announcements of getting listing on world top exchanges and launching worlds first free payment e-commerce package. Electroneum has been the highlight of the market for about a month know in such bearish mode. This show the capability of the coin to fight in such hard situations. This is a good time to buy ETN, and HODL it. The users show be stay tuned for more updates to come in future as Electroneum keeps on improving every single day.


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