Ethereum Classic, ETC

With the increasing interest on cryptocurrencies, it is becoming clear that investors are looking for coins that have a future and their past speaks for itself. Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been in the past seen as a non-starter in the crypto space but things are looking up. There is so much happening behind the scenes and the likelihood of the coin is about to break even and challenge the market leaders.

One misconception that appears to have sent the coin in to oblivion in the past is the assumption that Ethereum Classic is a hard fork from Ethereum (ETH). The truth is that Ethereum is the breakaway entity from the original blockchain which means ETC retained its original vision which gives it an upper hand in the market.

Ethereum Classic Breakthrough with Real World Use Cases

The entry of the platform into the IoT landscape is set to change how ordinary and seasoned crypto lovers interact with the system. This is a niche that is less explored and will see Classic identify with high profile IoT consumers. This is timely move when the Internet of Things is becoming a lifestyle not only in developed countries but developing ones and is a big boost for ETC holders.

Classic is also a force to reckon with in the dApp field and is poised to take a huge bite on the Ethereum user base given that it is more superior in terms of scalability, speeds and developer freedom; an area where the Ethereum is struggling to break even. Despite the low market cap rating, the ETC value proposition is ideal as an entry point investors keen on a cheap but promising coin of the future.

Ethereum Classic has stood the test of time and its steadily growing community is made up of investors that understand holding ETC is not about hype to pump and dump; they are in it for the long term gains and not just prospecting. The consistency in partnerships and price stability makes it coin to hold long.

Classic is Getting Serious by the Day

The boost from Coinbase was the turning point for Classic and since the listing; the coin has made major strides towards the top ten digital assets in the market. This has also exposed ETC to Coinbase’s global users, a step that has increased the coin demand which is set to grow its value north.

A few months ago, ETH holders could not spend their digital asset online but now it is possible thanks to the integration with Beverly Hills Jewelry store among other outlets where you can seamlessly spend your ETH. Ethereum Classic affiliate stores are set to rise in the coming months and this is what the community has been waiting for and could mean additional adoption is in the offing.

With increased opportunities and dApp builders looking for shiner platforms where they have the freedom to build and integrate apps with other systems at a low cost, Classic future is already taking shape. Adding the IoT function into platform is also another area where ETC holder should bank on as this will increase ETH demand and circulation leading to a promising future value growth.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Pricing an Adoption

With the increased ETC usability the digital asset price is poised to beat the $13 resistance by end of the year. Traders are putting the past sellout behind them and embracing the hidden gem in the coin. the Ethereum hype appears to be dying with dApp and ICO creators opting for better ecosystems and Classic is going to benefit from this especially now that it has opened up for third party developers to come onboard.

However, the last 24 hours have seen Ethereum Classic (ETC)  price stay below the $10 mark to trade at $9.60 after shedding 0.48% against the USD. This drop is a general trend in the market and ETC holders are confident that the scenario is soon changing with a momentum that will make the coin hold steadily before close of Q4.


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