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The crypto market is still in a long-term bear run. None of the rallies the market has made, so far, have been convincing enough to be construed as the beginning of a bull run. However, one thing is certain, the market will rebound at some point. There is so much going on in terms of partnerships and technical developments that bullish sentiment is guaranteed to return to the market. Once it does, Tron (TRX) is one project that will see substantial gains. That’s because, it has established a perfect balance between technical developments and marketing.

In terms of technical developments, Tron has come a long way. For such a young project, what the team has achieved so far is quite impressive. For instance, they have tackled the issue of scalability quite well. Tron has some of the highest transaction speeds in the platforms blockchain market. This is imperative in drawing in Dapps to the Tron blockchain, and so far it is working. While it is nowhere near Ethereum in terms of the projects building on it, it already has a couple of Dapps building on top of it. With time, many more will join the Tron network and add to its value. Tron’s biggest use case when it comes to Dapps market is the gaming market.

A number of games have been developed on Tron, and if this trend continues, it could have a huge impact on the value of Tron (TRX). That’s because the gaming industry is worth billions and if the Tron blockchain makes a dent in it, its value could rise significantly.  Even more important is the successful integration of bittorent into the Tron network. This integration has placed Tron in a very strong to grow towards its goal of creating a decentralized internet. These enhanced technical capabilities and a growing Dapps ecosystem will give Tron some extra momentum in a bull market.

Tron’s marketing is also on another level in crypto space. Not many projects have the marketing capabilities of the Tron (TRX) project. It all starts with Justin Sun, the guy behind Tron (TRX), Justin Sun is so aggressive in pushing this project that sometimes he gets criticized for it. The criticism usually comes from the fact that his efforts aren’t affecting the price. However, this has nothing to do with Justin, but the direct result of the crypto bear market.  This week Justin has been networking with people at the U.N on how to use blockchain in sustainable development.

This is a big deal and adds to the overall levels of awareness of the Tron network. Once bulls take over the market and bitcoin breaks above $12,000, Tron (TRX) could easily rise way past its all-time highs. Its better technical capabilities, coupled with aggressive marketing will give it bullish momentum in the long-run. It’s definitely the project to watch in the next Bull Run. Even from its price action, Tron (TRX) seems to have bottomed-out, and has a high likelihood of holding above $0.02 as we approach the end of the year.


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