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Verge (XVG), the privacy coin has been predicted to be coming back to its previous spot in a bull market. The reason behind crypto analysts going bullish on XVG is because of how quickly it has worked on its technology and improved it. Since its downfall, Verge is looking to regain its lost identity and is in pursue to be one of the top crypto coins and the best privacy coin. The main reason why XVG will be successful going into future is because Verge’s competition is not with other coins but its competition is more likely with itself ( to wash of all the FUD and criticism) , that’s the thing which pushes XVG more to rise back at the top once again. The coin wants to wash off all its nitpicking and move forward into the future with users having good perception about it.

But different users think that Verge has been making lot of promises with huge partnerships to ambitious features and XVG has not able to cope up with those partnerships, just like the one with adult site, Porn Hub. But since then, Verge has gone through its shortcomings and looking to wash off all the criticism from itself. Verge has now experienced bad part and what a partnership can bring, if it goes all work. So, XVG knows how to come out of this situation.

Verge (XVG) Looking to Overcome Problems 

The crypto community knows that there are a lot of real-world problems which can be solved by digital assets by providing solutions with the help of their blockchain technology. Verge (XVG) is aiming to provide the users around the world with an opportunity to make transactions through blockchain technology without any trouble. The main thing about Verge’s transaction is that it allows the users to keep their transactions private. This allows those users to send their money around the world who want to keep their transaction hidden. Not only it allows hidden transactions but also provides the users with a faster and quick transaction. 

To come across all these, Verge (XVG) utilizes different networks with a center of attention on anonymity, which includes I2P and TOR. With these networks XVG can entirely shield the IP addresses of the users. Yet its core QT wallet has an SSL encryption and TOR integration which adds additional security. 

Verge (XVG) Roadmap and Advantages 

Verge (XVG) has been working on several projects to enhance XVG’s network. Verge has entered into the online shopping market and getting involved in the world’s biggest market will help XVG grow its network among different users. Other improvement for Verge has been the rebasing of codebase to BTC version 0.13, which a good achievement for Verge because XVG know has the latest features of BTC core.  

Verge (XVG) has a lot of advantages over different coins and especially over the other privacy coins. The anonymity of XVG allows it to be ultra-secure as compared to other privacy coins. While using I2P and Tor networks, XVG manages to keep the IP addresses of the users in full privacy. Verge mass adoption has improved due to low cost, faster transaction rate, towering volume circulation. The wraith protocol is the one which makes it adopted by the users and has been a key for its mass adoption around the globe. The dev team of Verge is always in contact with the Vergefam and keeps the community updated with the progress of XVG. So, this keeps the users of XVG pretty satisfied because they are always kept updated about their asset. 

 Market Overview

At the time of writing, Verge (XVG) was trading with a price of $0.014 USD with a market cap of $221 million and has a trading volume of $2.7 million. At the moment, Verge stands on the 41st spot on the market and in future as predicted Verge looks to head back to top 20 and everyday with its improving technology and partnerships XVG looks to be one of the hottest coins to surge in the upcoming bull market, similar to the one at the start of 2017.


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