Nano coin, NANO

Nano (NANO) has been among leading coins in last seven days as rest of the crypto market looks to fight the red bearish fever. Nano coin has shown resistance in the market which shows that it has the capability to compete with top coins in future. Nano is looking to launch its Epoch blocks next week across the Nano network.  

As all the accounts on Nano (NANO) network are asynchronous, so Nano requires an asynchronous structure of chain enhancements. Nano is different from Bitcoin, so it does not say that upgrade at block X, but instead of that Nano dev team have developed Epoch Blocks. The Nano coin will be allocating the Epoch blocks in coming week beyond the Nano network. Regarding the launch of Epoch blocks Nano tweeted: 

“A milestone day for the $Nano network! Epoch blocks are propagating throughout the larger exchange wallets, and our team is tracking the number of upgraded accounts before commencing distribution across the wider network.” 

 Epoch blocks 

The Nano network is about to issue Epoch block across the Nano coin (NANO) network. The Epoch blocks are the ultimate phase of the Universal Block network upgrade. Epoch blocks nominate the end of Legacy block epoch. The blocks have the following prospects; 

  • The account-chain cannot create the legacy blocks. 
  • The transaction succeeding the epoch block on account-chain should be accepted by state block. 

After the distribution of the blocks, the epoch blocks will not be able to change any sort of balance or delegate on the account. So, nobody will be able to interfere in the account of the users. 

Nano coin in Coming Days 

So, another upgrade to the Nano network will be done soon. Nano coin is coin will has made a lot of progress in last couple of months. In last seven days the market has been down but still Nano coin has able to cope up with it and has increased up to 5%, at the time of writing. Nano has partnered with some small business firms around the globe which will help Nano coin grow its adoption.  

Nano coin still has a small community and this pushes it more in search of looking to go high in crypto market. At the time of writing, Nano (NANO) was trading with a price of $2.08 USD with a market cap of $276 million and a trade volume of $4.6 million. In last 24 hours’ time, Nano was pushing up with a rate of almost 3%. So investors need to look at this coin, as this has made impression among the crypto users in such a less time. At the moment, Nano stands on 33rd Spot in the market and in future it looks to surge more in the market. 


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