Revain is a unique new entrant in the cryptocurrency market; a tool that the crypto verse enthusiasts can use for crypto reviews. This innovative project will see digital asset consumers review any crypto related products, services and providers to help others make informed decisions on what suits their needs and what does not.

However, the outfit is not all about reviews; it presents the best and high quality reviews through its AI feature which rides on the IBM Watson protocol that trashes low quality review and rewarding helpful reviews. This tool ensures that participants provide quality as opposed to traditional online review mills.

Revain v1.0 Goes Live

The recent release of Revain v1.0 has seen the Revain digital token rank among the top 100 valuable coins and digital asset to watch as the market enters 2019. Immediately after the live product launch, the R token grew by 78% two days ago and the price appears to have stabilized in the green after registering a double digit growth to the dollar in the last 24-hour trading session.

At press time, the Revain token was trading at $0.239456 after gaining 13.55% to the green buck, 14.17% to Bitcoin and 12.58% to ETH. The shift from the beta stage means that the token is 100% blockchain and a coin to watch in the coming months. This has seen the coin rank 81 by market cap which is keeping observers on their toes to see if the momentum holds longer.

A statement through Revain’s official twitter handle read in part after the launch:

“Content validation is an issue all services with user-generated content face. Some, like YouTube, use manual validation, which is not only ineffective but highly inconsistent due to the human factor.”

Here’s how #Revain deals with this issue:

— Revain (@Revain_org) October 22, 2018

How Does Revain Review and Reward System Work?

To get rewards on the Revain ecosystem all you need to do is get a crypto project or exchange, review it and share your user experience to the world earn rewards in return.  Well researched reviews are rewarded depending on how the community appreciates your opinion and the project that you review can also reward you with their relevant tokens.

To participate, you need to join the Revain community and the signup process is fuss free. A simple author account gives you access to the platforms tools that will enable you earn the custom RVN tokens that you can trade or exchanges with other major digital coins and assets. According to their official website, Revain adds:

“On Revain, projects and exchanges have the ability to award authors for high-quality reviews with tokens. We created RVN token for this purpose. You can earn RVN by writing well-reasoned authentic reviews”.

The ranking process is highly transparent and you do not have to worry about results being manipulated:

“Revain custom algorithm ranks all projects and exchanges based on their popularity and people’s impressions. A large amount of high-quality feedback will move a project or an exchange higher in an overall ranking.”

The end goal for review outfit is to demystify the traditional review system and bring them to the blockchain so that they cannot be edited since the system processes cannot be edited and authors will be able to get the real facts from other user real life experiences with products and services that they have interacted with.

All these reviews will be accessible by the public through the Revain system thus bringing transparency and trust into the sector.  Traditional reviews are known to be doctored to the needs of the providers and end up misleading the user and new market entrant is set to change the deceit.


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