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Digibyte (DGB) has made huge strides this year in terms of exchange listings.   The latest of these is Artis Turba. Yesterday, this exchange announced that they had started offering DGB/ZAR trading pair. This means that it is now possible to buy and sell Digibyte (DGB) to, and from a bank account. This is a big deal because the convenience it creates will draw in more South Africans into Digibyte (DGB).  Many people especially those new to crypto are put off by the process of having to buy bitcoin (BTC) first before buying other cryptocurrencies.

This connection between altcoins and bitcoin is actually the main reason why most altcoins have underperformed in 2018. Most altcoins have made tremendous progress this year. Digibyte (DGB), for instance, has made tremendous progress in terms of awareness in the market, and in terms of adoption.

Today, more people know about Digibyte than at any other time in its existence. So much so, that in some countries like Venezuela it has gained a use case as a currency. However, in spite of all these developments, Digibyte (DGB) like most altcoins have suffered heavy losses this year. That’s because they are heavily tied to bitcoin, and all through 2018, bitcoin has underperformed.  But with increased fiat pairings such as the one that Digibyte (DGB) has gained against the South African rand, and the many others that it has gained this year, its price will ultimately stabilize, and rise irrespective of the direction that bitcoin takes.

Of course, this is a long-term goal that may take years before it gets actualized. But then again, Digibyte is in itself a long-term investment. It will take some time before Digibyte’s use cases make a dent in the markets.  For instance, in the area of cyber security, all indicators point to decentralized cyber security blockchains like Digibyte (DGB) as the future.  A number of major corporations including tech giant Facebook have suffered hacking attacks in the recent past.

From their responses to these attacks, it is clear that they are increasingly vulnerable, and to some extent powerless in dealing with such attacks.  However, so far no major corporation has announced that they are adopting a decentralized solution like Digibyte (DGB), in spite of its effectiveness in this field.  This goes to show that it is still early days for platforms like Digibyte (DGB).   But over time, companies will begin to appreciate the security of Digibyte (DGB) as an unbreakable cyber security tool and adopt it.

Its use case as a currency is also in its early days.  So far crypto large scale usage of cryptos as currencies has mainly happened in countries with shaky fiat currency. This means that the adoption of Digibyte (DGB) as a currency could possibly grow in scale in case of a global financial crisis that makes most fiat currencies worthless. While there are indicators that such a crisis is imminent, it could be far off, and the transition to digital currencies could be gradual. Ultimately, the true value of Digibyte and other digital assets will be revealed over time, and its long-term investors that will reap big.


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