Despite having an unpredictable start earlier in the year, Waltonchain (WTC) has managed to pull a major surprise in the murky crypto-sphere and has been growing steadily in both price and reach.  The platform has been taking advantage of the online and off-line disjointed systems by integrating both worlds into a single economy.

The success of any business relies on the attention it draws from its consumer base and the available data about the same consumers. Lack of business systems’ integration is what the system is capitalizing on and is proofing to be a success story. The ecosystem is using the power of the internet to connect people globally to come up with blockchain based commercial marketplace providing real world solutions.

Waltonchain Acceptance and Adoption Drivers

Waltonchain is not just another blockchain entity; it is a functional Value Internet of Thing (VIoT).  Since its entry to the market, the coin has drawn a lot of interest in a wide range of niches and has cracked a high profile partnership portfolio. Skynovo, Alibaba, Chine Telecom, Mobius and IoT Center in Korea are examples of partners driving WTC to the next level.

The ecosystem has already launched its own wallet which is compatible with Android OS and is in the final touches for an iOS wallet which aims at driving mass adoption to the network. The recent state of the platform update has touched on some critical growth areas including MainNet, hardware developments as well as projects supporting businesses and has seen increased attention on the WTC coin.

Amazing Waltonchain (WTC) Price Growth

Since hitting the top 100 ranking, Waltonchain (WTC) has risen steadily to rank 54th in less than three months and things look bright in the coming days. WTC price has been holding on the green trading territory for the last 7 days with the last 24-hour trading session gaining 7.31% to the green buck to trade at $3.44.

The recent announcement by the WTC team on the popular Korean crypto community, MoneyNet (MNC); a third WTC chain, on Korea’s Coinzest exchange has seen the price of WTC head north. While breaking the good news through their official Medium page, the team has said:

 “The listing of Moneynet (MNC) on one of Korea’s mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinzest, is the official launch of Waltonchain’s third child chain.”

The launch of a third chain has brought confusion on whether the token MainNet launch is still on course. The delay in launching the MainNet means the token swap will also be delayed and this might lead to draining investor confidence on the network. The launch was slated for March and no clear cut indication that the token swap to a native coin is still on course.

Waltonchain Strength Based on the WTC Token

WTC appears to be working on the scaling hiccups and this is cementing investor confidence. The intrinsic value of WTC enables users and developers build child chains for various devices on the network and this has seen the demand for the token grow in the last six months. The coin has been instrumental in fueling the network growth.

The project has been seen as a fierce VeChain competitor and the current partner building initiatives have given the outfit enough hype to come out of oblivion and challenge older generation coins in the crypto-verse. WTC is gearing up to set up their own online outlet before venturing into the agriculture, smart cities and green energy among other industries in the near future.


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