Electroneum, ETN

The Electroneum growth has surprised many crypto enthusiasts. The coin was listed on less than five exchanges in January and opportunities seem to be increasing for the project. The coin has grown from oblivion to be ranked among the best by value. ETN is 52nd by rankngs and has shown the intent to grow by volumes, price and value.

With mobile gaming and gambling applications gaining popularity in recent days, Electroneum growth is unstoppable. The beauty of the system is easily accessible through most mobile applications, highly scalable with almost real time transactions with payments to the micro levels.

Electroneum is the Future of the Mobile Gaming Industry

The fast growth of Electroneum is due to its ease of use and anyone can access it through a smartphone. Over 2billion people have 24-hour access to a smartphone. The platform is using the power of the mobile phones to grow the network. What’s more; users have full control over their wallet which is also mobile based.

Online games and gabling has been over priced and the micropayment platform is poised to lower the costs drastically and give the gambling and gaming goer better experience in a more transparent environment.

ETN Mining Using Smartphones

The cost of crypto mining tools keeps escalating but with the app, you only need your smartphone to mine and earn ETN. As long as people use phones in their daily live, accessibility to the ETN coin will remain on the go given that these hand held and internet enabled gadgets remain less resource intensive.

The Electroneum app makes mining crypto as easy as surfing the net. You do not have to download those complex software to min your first ETN. With your Android or iOS powered phone, you qualify to become an ETN miner.

Electroneum Gaining from Crypto Awareness

Bitcoin saw its miners benefit during its fast stages but the rewards continue to drop and this has made many miners seek alternative ways of keeping up with their lifestyle and ETN is becoming the safe have for all.  Crypto enthusiasts are opting to mine to earn rather than buy digital coins to minimize their risks and mobile mining is the future of growing digital coin portfolios.

Electroneum infrastructure borrows a lot from Bitcoin with the only difference being that the new outfit has advanced features that the modern consumer is looking for. With a solid foundation, the coin is long term investor focused and cannot be swayed by the usual crypto hype that keeps product less coins and token afloat in the crypto verse.

Electroneum (ETN) is Security Wrapped

Security is paramount in the crypto-sphere and the app comes with the state-of-the-art security with various options to guard user funds. One of the best options is the use of offline storage wallet that are safe and a hard nut to crack even for the ardent hacker. All you need to do when transacting is to import your funds to a digital wallet when transacting.

As much as the network and wallets are secure, the platform offers the simplicity of the mobile features. This is not a coin for the tech savvy; as long as you can easily surf the net using your phone, you are able to perform complex transactions through your phone especially for those on the go. The transaction process is seamless and fast as once done, you get offline and you cannot be tracked by crypto criminals.

ETN is Still Young with Good value Proposition

There is no way one can compare Electroneum with Bitcoin or Ethereum; this is a new kid on the block and has achieved a lot in a short time. The ETN price has always remained the coins’ selling point. This has been the driving force towards the mass adoption the coin has been experiencing in the last one year.

A peek preview of the ETN charts reviews that the price has been holding steadily despite the oscillating market that has remained unpredictable since January this year. At the time of reporting, ETN price stood at $0.017797 after 3.61% gains against the USD. Given the usability of the coin, an early investment on ETN will yield better results in the coming years.


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