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IOTA (MIOTA) is probably one of the most adopted cryptos in the market. It has gained adoption by some of the largest corporations in the world, especially in the auto industry. According to David Sonstebo, over 600 companies have shown an interest in IOTA this year. However, of all the corporations that are adopting IOTA (MIOTA), one corporation that has gone big with it is Fujitsu.  That’s why Fujitsu latest news about a partnership with Ericsson is a big deal for IOTA (MIOTA).

Fujitsu recently announced a partnership with Erricson on 5G networks. The deal will see them combine their technological capabilities to roll out 5G network services all across Japan. When announcing the deal, Fujitsu EVP, Mr. Tango Matsumoto, said that the company will provide open and standards-based flexible 5G network systems, and by coming together with Erricson, they have the leverage to push 5G not just in Japan, but all across the world.

Implications for IOTA (MIOTA)

IOTA (MIOTA) is largely targeted at the IoT market, which is all about machine-to-machine communication. The success of IOTA on this front will be directly linked to the widespread adoption of 5G networks. That’s because machine-to-machine communication is all about speed. A good example of the need for speed in machine-to-machine communication is in a smart autonomous vehicle, interacting with its environment in real time.

For this communication to be effective, there needs to be a high bandwidth, to ensure that data is transmitted fast and uninterrupted, otherwise, such a vehicle would not operate efficiently. This applies to all other applications in the IoT environment. Without fast and seamless connectivity, the whole thing would not work.  It is the core infrastructure that supports the IoT ecosystem. As such, the fact that Fujitsu is getting into a partnership that will roll out this infrastructure in Japan is a big boost for IoT and specifically for IOTA which already has an edge in this market thanks to the feeless and highly scalable nature of the IOTA tangle.

On top of that, Fujitsu and Erricson are partnering to roll out 5G in one of the most strategic nations in the world when it comes to IoT.  Japan is one of the most technologically advanced nations on the planet and is likely to be a leader in the coming IoT revolution. It is already leading in AI and robotics, two key components of IoT. In essence, by rolling out 5G in Japan, Fujitsu and Erricson would be laying the groundwork for mass adoption of IOTA for different IoT applications in Japan. This will not only increase the adoption of IOTA but also add to the security of the IOTA tangle since its long-term security will come from usage. That’s the requirement for the removal of the COO and the move towards full decentralization.

This is one step that indirectly takes IOTA closer to mass adoption. The future of IOTA (MIOTA) looks better with each passing day. It has a good chance of making it big in the crypto market, as its usage gets clearer to investors.


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