Ripple, XRP

Ripple has established itself as one of the top growing firms in the world in the field of blockchain technology, especially when it comes to moving money around the world. Main reason for the creation of Bitcoin (BTC) was to transfer money around the world with fast pace and with much security. XRP is already reaching that level with the help of Ripple. XRP is always looking to improve its technology and to go one step further than other altcoins.  

XRP with collaboration with Ripple’s, RippleNet, xRapid and the technology provided by Ripple enhances the core function of the digital asset, which is the transaction of the money. Ripple is focusing to solve the issue of moving money across borders. The world has gone far ahead in everything and still we are using the old way to send money around. The world can exchange messages, emails, calls sitting from one corner of the world to another corner of the world in blink of an eye, but it cannot send money in such a short time. The transaction of money takes couple of days while costing some bucks. Ripple aims to fix this deficit of transferring money anywhere in the world. 

Ripple is growing day by day, with its dev team, partnerships with different banks and financial firms. Lately, Ripple incorporated top-level experts to their dev team. This addition of new experts has a lot of experience and this will help Ripple enhance its technology further. Ripple recently collaborated with Amore Finance, which is a Czech Fintech firm. With this collaboration Ripple is further looking to improve their international payments to be much quicker and low-cost. 

Ripple being the backbone of XRP (XRP) sets a brighter image of the digital asset going in to future. According to one of the members of Ripple, Cory Johnson added that XRP’s technology is similar to Bitcoin 2.0, but it’s speedier and do not utilize massive power. He added that it’s truly decentralized as it is not managed by Chinese miners. He further added that XRP is more often a cryptocurrency whose main aim is the transfer of money. 

Ripple’s recent meet up with Trump’s administration and White House support for Ripple opens a new path for the blockhain firm to compete Bitcoin backed by a strong governmental power. It indicates that XRP heading in future looks to be in well control. Other than that Ripple is becoming the center of focus for most of the banks and financial institutions around the world. RippleNet’s xRapid and xCurrent are currently used by many top banks around the world including Santander, National Bank of Quait, SBI and other top financial institutions.  

So XRP (XRP) growth mainly depends upon how Ripple goes in the international circuit. In future XRP is expected to surpass Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) at the top coin in cryptocurrency due to its fast-growing technology which is far better than BTC as claimed by Ripple. Today (31st Oct, 18), XRP started of the day in green, as rest of the market was still fighting with the red zone. The last two days of market has been very hard for almost every altcoin. At the time of writing, XRP (XRP) was trading with a price of $0.44 USD having a market cap of $17.8 billion. In last 24 hours the coin has been surging with a rate of just above 0.21%.


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