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The last couple of months have seen Verge (XVG) continue to clean its name and its negativity in the market is ebbing away ushering in a different ecosystem all together. The coin is now focusing on growing its subscriber base which has seen it start a thread of credible partnerships.

The collaboration with NetCents is huge boost for a coin that has been struggling with so many partnerships that do not add value to the ecosystem. Verge has been thriving on pumped up hype which has done it more harm than good in the past. The recent developments appear to be steering the network to the right direction.

Verge Community Support Remains Strong

The community has shown its support and commitment on the platform by coming together and vote for XVG to get added on NetCents. This has seen increased trust among investors which is a plus for the coin and the entire ecosystem. There are many XVG adorers out there waiting for the Verge team to put its acts together for them to stake up.

NetCents will on its part dispense the XVG coin through their ATM network as well as through their over-the-counter vendors. This is a huge milestone that will see additional visibility for the coin. This also means increased accessibility in a wider market which is seen as a move to spur demand and eventual value.

NetCents in not a new entrant in the crypto verse and has been very instrumental in supporting Bitcoin in the past through their network of ATMs. Virtual coin dispensing software demand is on the rise and XVG will benefit from the partnership.

Verge Choice of Partnerships Wanting

As a blockchain entity, Verge is very promising but its past choice of partnerships almost tore the community through the middle. These choices have delayed to platform to move up in terms of market cap and the team appears to have learned from these mistakes. The adult content industry appears not to be ready for the blockchain or the Verge community is not ripe for the porn industry.

Verge is a key players in the privacy coin niche and should strengthen is foot hold in the sector which is less competitive rather than disrupting an industry like the adult content one which is not ready for the new technology. Thus the MidGeek does not provide the right use case for Verge at the moment.

New Verge (XVG) Route to Market

Going global is the only way Verge will grow in all its areas and the mass adoption route to the market seems to be timely and well thought. If well executed, it can send the XVG coin to the top ten valuable digital coins in the very near future. the  FueledbyVerge  campaign is a game changer and everyone is watching how it goes as well head to Q4 close.

In order to have a defined route to market, Verge have proved it is an outfit of many colors and its recent support for Gil Linster in the just concluded Nascar Euro series is a clear quest of identifying with its audience. The races are popular in Europe and America and Verge support will see more crypto enthusiasts come onboard.

#EU #Nascar Driver Gil Linster #44 will be representing #VERGE on his SS Chevrolet at the final event in the #Whelen Euro Series season – October 20th on the Zolder raceway in #Belgium.#Vergecurrency #XVG #GilLinster #NascarWhelenEuroSeries #Luxembourg pic.twitter.com/wrBgaxBJJE

— vergecurrency (@vergecurrency) October 19, 2018

Verges’ XVG Price Check

The team and community supporting  the Verge coin appears to have come to an end of trial and error era and are serious about bringing more users to a future looking outfit devoid of negativity. The good news has seen XVG hold on to the green trading territory and start making subtle gains.

Getting to the top 10 club might be a tall order for a coin that is ranked 42nd by market cap; the smarting up process might be long but the coin still has the potential to turn the mirage into reality. The coin has inched up 0.03% in the last 24 hours to the dollar to trade $0.013697. The steady growth in an unpredictable market is a good sign for XVG as we approach 2019.


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