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One of the biggest sources of criticisms to Cardano in the recent past has been about Shelley. There have been concerns that if it keeps being pushed forward, that it could affect the competitiveness of the project. But these concerns don’t have a basis anymore.

In the latest roadmap update, IOHK’s director of Engineering Duncan Coutts explains that they have made tremendous progress towards the Shelley release. Duncan explains that they have made progress because they are taking a semi-formal development approach to Shelley. According to him, they have taken the same approach with Cardano 1.4.0 and it has been quite successful. To quote him,

“…we have been moving more recently, in the last couple of months into a much more detailed phase of formerly specifying all this stuff, and this is now all following this approach… This sort of semi-formal, light-weight formal method…we have demonstrated that we can do that as part of 1.4 release…”

Other than explaining the approach they are taking, Duncan also gave a few pointers as to where they are with Shelley. One of the things he made clear is that Shelley will be released towards the end of Q1 of 2019. This confirmation offers a sigh of relief for Cardano investors, who feared that it could be delayed further and hurt the project. These fears have not been entirely without basis.

First, IOHK’s contract with Cardano ends in 2020, and if Shelley were to delay all the way towards late 2019, it could create lots of uncertainties around this project.  Secondly, there are other projects working on what Cardano is doing too. As such, for it to stay ahead of the curve, then it needs to meet milestones on time. In essence, by releasing Shelley towards the end of Q1 of 2019, which is essentially before the end of March, then it will significantly boost the chances of Cardano in the market.

Duncan also offered a few other updates on where exactly they are with the project. One of these updates is that they are through with the design phase of the project. They are now in the implementation phase and have made progress. For instance, they have made tremendous progress on the wallet back-end, which has made things easier for exchanges. They are also working on implementing the rules of delegation and incentives mechanisms by moving from the concept stage to putting these rules in code. The team is also working on implementing the latest version of Ouroborus.

These updates improve the standing of Cardano (ADA) in the market both in the short-term and in the long-run. In the short-term, it kills all FUD with regards to progress on the Cardano roadmap.  In the long-run, it establishes Cardano as one of the most advanced platform blockchains in the market.  Once completed, Cardano (ADA) could emerge as one of the projects that will dominate the Dapps market.  It will be one of the most scalable and secure platform blockchains in the market. This could see it gain widespread adoption across different industries, as decentralization takes root in society.


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